The Top 5 Songs of your Childhood


Finals got ya down? Essays got ya down? Projects got ya down? Well you know what? Let’s indulge. Let’s go back to when things were simple and easy. Let’s go back to when multiplication was hard, and integrals were a fairy tale. Let’s go back to when we had to read Goosebumps as our summer book report, and 15 page papers on industrialized gentrification and quantum dynamics were absurd. Let’s listen to some songs that’ll take us back.

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Life Hacks: Microwave Faster


So you have two bowls that you want to microwave, but only one fits, and you don’t have enough time to microwave both. What do you do? Stack them on top of each other. Simply place one bowl on the tray and then a dish over it. Proceed to place another bowl on top of that dish. Think of it as a bowl sandwich. The bowl is the bread while the plate is the pbj. Good luck with your midterms this week folks!

What You Need to Know for Winter Enrollment


It’s the time of the quarter when everyone is obsessing over class planners, upper and lower div’s, and PTE numbers: it’s time to enroll for courses for next quarter.  Is this new news to you?  If so, you should definitely read below about what you should be doing to make sure you are enrolling in your dream classes next quarter!

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