Sushi For Days

Sushi_LTG_Checkstand-page-001You can’t deny that UCLA has amazing dining services. Not only do we have a ton of options, but our food is hands down one of the best in the country. And just when you thought nothing could be better than lunch-to-go on those hectic days, De Neve has brought us our very own sushi-to-go! Weekdays from 11-3 you can grab an 8-piece sushi lunch to go with a choice of water, milk, or juice.

And the best things about the new sushi program?

(1) It’s just a swipe away
De Neve sushi offers you sushi and a drink for just one swipe. Way better deal than you could get in a restaurant.

(2) It’s conveniently placed on the hill
No need to trek to Westwood or Tsunami just for sushi. With De Neve’s sushi to go, you can have sushi for lunch during the week whenever your heart desires.

(3) Cucumber avocado roll every day
The vegetarian option of a cucumber avocado roll is available every day, so if you’re on a diet or have dietary restrictions, you don’t have to wait for a specific day to get your sushi fix.

3 Things You Need to Know about #TheDeNeveShuffle

As all of you on the hill (and apartment mooches) might know, De Neve is getting renovated. When? Right after dinner on April 27. Just kidding. Not right after, but pretty soon after that, construction workers will arrive and you will no longer be allowed to eat there.

1. However, if you think you’re going to miss Late night or My Pizza and De Neve food in general, Hedrick is going to pick up all of these things at the same hours. You know what that means. Now you can get chicken and curly fries WITH boba (given you have two swipes, of course).

2. And if you’re going to miss the De Neve Grab n’ Go service, visit the mailroom that has been renovated to do this service, starting April 28th. And for those of you that don’t know about this service, it goes from 7AM -2PM, and depending on time, you can get breakfast or lunch.

3. Where will De Neve go? What will we do when we need it? De Neve will return when we need it most. Note that this renovation is temporary, and De Neve WILL return! Until next time.