What You Need To Know About Bruin Day 2015


Most people remember their Bruin Day, the annual event that invites new admits to UCLA and offers great opportunities for new Bruins. April 11 (tomorrow!) is the date where the campus is expected to be flooded with fresh-faced future freshmen and May 9 is the day for transfer students. But with a visit to campus, there are many questions floating around. But luckily On the Hill is here to answer them!

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Why Should you Host a Bruin?

why_to_host_a_new_bruin-01 (1)

Remember being a first year? Remember the apprehension? Remember how tough it was to choose between the schools you had to choose from? Don’t you wish you had a way — some way — to immerse yourself into the school for at least a day so you could make a decision? If any of these thoughts seem familiar, maybe you participated in the Bruin Overnight Experience. If the BOE program isn’t familiar, maybe you’d like to give someone a chance that you didn’t have this April 10th. Here are some other incentives:

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