Life Hack: Make your Alarm Louder!



So for those of you who didn’t know, putting your phone in a bowl or something like a cup amplifies the sound. Point the speakers down towards the bottom of the cup and try playing something like a song, or in this case, an alarm. It will sound a LOT louder. Try using it for your next 8AM!

Life Hack : Fresh Fridge


Is your refrigerator giving off the scent of leftovers and old food? Here’s an easy fix.

Stick some coffee grounds in your refrigerator.

Get a small bowl or container, fill it with ground up coffee and stick it on a shelf in the fridge. Next time you open the refrigerator door, you’ll be wafted with the inviting aroma of coffee instead.

Life Hacks: Learn your Lectures 2x Faster (Literally)


So you’ve got to watch 15 podcasts but you have a midterm tomorrow. You’ve calculated it, and it’s going to take you 15 hours, even if you don’t procrastinate or fall asleep. And let’s be honest, you’re going to procrastinate. Here’s the secret: Play your lectures at 2x the speed. You’ll be able to hear it all; your brain will adjust, and you can slow down at the important parts. But, next time, go to class. That being said, you do need a video player other than iTunes to use this particular feature though. We recommend using a video player called VLC Media. It’s one of the most downloaded video players on (a highly popular tech site used by tech geeks) and consistently gets great ratings. Click on the links provided below to download.

If you’re a Windows

If you’re a Mac

1. After you have downloaded the file, open up VLC Media Player.

2. Download and then play your podcast using the player

3. Look to the top left of your screen. There should be a menu with a number of options (File, Edit, View, Playback, Etc).

4. Click playback and adjust the speed of the video there.

If you’re more of a visual learner, here’s a screenshot:

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 6.28.30 PM


So there you go, here’s your pre-finals hack. Now get to studying.

Life Hack: Unclogging your Drains


Do you have the privilege of having a private bathroom? Maybe you’ve faced a clogged drain. If your drain’s getting clogged or things are going down too slowly, follow these simple steps.

1. Throw a few tablespoons of baking soda down the drain.

2. Pour a cup of vinegar. Wait 10 minutes.

3. Pour a pot of boiling water into the drain

That being said, this won’t fix any major clogging. But, this is a good way to get a bit of gunk outta there.

Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions


Things change fast in the internet world.

Google Chrome has become the most-widely used internet browser across the globe since its inception only seven years ago, beating out old standbys like Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox. Part of this has to do with speed, part of this has to do with ease-of-use and part of this has to do with the unique extensions that make web browsing quicker, easier and more efficient. Here’s a breakdown of some of the must-have Google Chrome extensions for surfing the web. Click the name for a link to download the extension.

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Life Hacks: Microwave Faster


So you have two bowls that you want to microwave, but only one fits, and you don’t have enough time to microwave both. What do you do? Stack them on top of each other. Simply place one bowl on the tray and then a dish over it. Proceed to place another bowl on top of that dish. Think of it as a bowl sandwich. The bowl is the bread while the plate is the pbj. Good luck with your midterms this week folks!

Life Hacks: 2 Minute Breakfast


So you’ve woken up late, and you’re out of milk and cereal, but you need something to eat before your 8am. Look no further than microwaved eggs.

1. Crack an egg or two into a mug and then whisk it quickly with a fork.

2. Put it into the microwave. Heat it up until it looks like how scrambled eggs should look.

3. Eat.

4. Run to class.

Life Hacks: Sweat-Free Sperrys


Here at On The Hill, we feel your pain when it comes to wearing shoes that get stinky really quickly. Sometimes, those shoes just don’t go well with socks and those invisible socks can get really uncomfortable and icky. While we are not promoting a sockless culture here On The Hill (wearing socks actually helps to prevent perspiration and bacteria from your feet), there IS a way to wear shoes without socks and still be hygienic and sweat-free.

A great to make your shoes sweat-free is by using powder. Simply sprinkle some of these powder on your shoes before slipping them on and voila! Great smelling feet. Now your friends and roommates won’t call you grimey. You’re welcome.

Do you have ways to prevent stink from your shoes? Share with us!