How to Make a Friend


You might’ve clicked this this article expecting jokes. There’s no way. Who in the right mind would write an article about how to make friends? Well, you’re in for a surprise. I learned about some cool information in my Life Science class the other week that I want to share with y’all.

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Campus Celebrities: Franklin Yu ACA Dancer


Franklin Yu is a second year studying Materials Engineering. He has danced for five years now, and has spent his two years here at UCLA dancing for ACA Hip Hop. We decided to bring him in for an interview a few weeks ago. Here’s the transcript:

How long have you danced for? Did you like it initially?
I’ve danced for about five years now. I started freshman year of high school, and I haven’t been able to stop since (:

How would you describe your learning curve in dance? What are you trying to work on right now?
A goal I have currently set for my dancing is to be more mobile and to implement more grooves into my choreography. I tend to lean toward isolations a lot, so I feel going in this direction will add another dimension to my dancing.

How has dance carried over to other aspects of how you approach things in your life?
To gain mastery over any aspect of dance requires hours of repetition and practice. In the same way, when I study for midterms/finals, I repeat problems and reread chapters. Also, being involved in dance has taught me that nothing worthwhile is achieved easily, and that if you really want to excel in something, you have to sacrifice something for it, whether it be time, sleep, etc.

Do you have any other hobbies besides dance? If so, do you pursue them with the same intensity?
I basically just study and dance! It’s difficult for me to make time to do anything else.

What is something that you have always wanted to learn to do, but have never had time for?
I’ve always wanted to try archery! Precision and athleticism are two things I value a lot, even outside of dance.

What are your goals for dance in these next few years?
In the next few years, I mainly want to continue reinventing my style and pushing my boundaries. I want my choreography to be recognized in the community as my own, and I hope to teach outside of California some day.

Do you plan to pursue dance after college?
I plan to continue dancing after college; I can’t really see myself without it. However, I don’t intend to make a career out of it. I intend for it to be supplementary to my day job.
Here’s a video of Franklin and his team dancing. He is in the center of the last piece:

A UCLA Boba Guide


So maybe you’re tired of Rendezvous boba, or maybe you like  it and want to try something new. That, or you’re a boba snob and you really want to know whether or not we have the same tastes in boba. I don’t know. The point is is that we’re gonna do a short little boba guide on all the places nearby you should definitely check out.

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Best Summer Classes to Take

Cool_Summer_ClassesSummer is a carefree time full of sun, sand and, unfortunately for some, studying. But for those on campus finding themselves taking summer classes, On The Hill has got you covered for the best classes being offered in the season. So in between beach trips, try taking these courses ,you might just learn something and have a great time while doing it.

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Dance Crews at UCLA


If you’ve gone into one of UCLA’s many parking structures at night, chances are you might have seen some students hip hop dancing in the empty parking lots. You might be wondering, who are these dancers? The hip hop dance scene at UCLA is composed of a few groups: ACA Hip Hop, NSU Modern, Samahang Modern, VSU Modern, and Foundations Choreography. Let’s just dive right into it so you can see the difference between these 5 groups.

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On The Hill 1,000th Like Facebook Contest!

1000th like flyer more fun

On The Hill is proud to announce that we have reached 1,000 likes on Facebook! To thank our readers and followers, we are running a 1,000th Like Contest for all Hill residents.

How The Contest Works:

  1. Readers can go on our Facebook page and like the contest post
  2. By liking the post, you are automatically entered to a draw to win 5 giveaways of $25 in Bruin Cash!
  3. If you choose to comment on the contest post with your floor/house (eg. Hitch A rocks! Courtside C6 rules! De Neve B2 is awesome! Rieber Terrace 9 is the best!), you (and your floor/house) will automatically be entered to win a pizza/pizookie party from BJ’s!
  4. The floor/house of each community with the most residents commenting will win the pizza party
  5. You can win both the Bruin Cash and pizza party as long as you like and comment

In short, ‘like‘ the post to win the BruinCash, ‘like‘ and ‘comment‘ to qualify for the pizza party for you and your floor/house!

Contest Rules:

  1. You must like the On The Hill page
  2. You must be a Hill resident
  3. 1 BJ’s pizza party winner per community (total of 4 pizza parties are given away)
  4. 5 fans who liked the contest post will be drawn and selected at random to win the 5 $25 BruinCash award
  5. Contest runs until May 8th at 11:59pm

Questions? Post a comment or email us at

Campus Celebrities: Hot Chocolate Party

Hot chocolate party  2

From L to R: (Karel Ebergen, Andrew Hahn, Brian Kiely, Michael Yanoska, Nick Agee, Alex Vergel)

A Hot Chocolate Party sounds like a mostly quiet affair full of sipping, but for six Los Angeles-based comedians the name invites viewers to take a look at their mix of outrageous sketch comedy and video game themed rap music. The comedy group, most of whom are Bruin alumni, treat online audiences to their sweet mix of funny material. The group sat down with On The Hill to talk about the origins of their group, their progression as comedians and their future plans as Hot Chocolate Party.

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Overdone UCLA Instagram Posts


Instagram is a great social media platform to post your favorite photographic memories of UCLA. But on campus there are a few posts that are just plain played-out. Here’s On The Hill’s guide to the most overdone UCLA Instagram posts, so you can avoid them and use your account to get creative. Maybe wait a few hours and try a cool night-time photo.

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