How to Join New Clubs


You’re looking for something to get involved with. You’ve asked around, and your friends have all pointed out the popular options: Dance Marathon, Spring Sing, SAA, CAC, CEC, fraternities/sororities, Unicamp/Camp Kesem/Bruin Woods, UCLA tours, a cultural organization, and you’re either not interested or the deadline to sign up has passed. If you haven’t heard of one of these organizations, check ’em out! You could be eligible to apply. However, assuming that you’ve gone through all of the above options, here’s a way you can figure out what to join:

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Club Highlight: Bruins for Israel


This week, OTH met with third year, Eytan Davidovits, and asked him about his involvement with clubs on campus.  Here is the inside scoop on Eytan and the club, Bruins for Israel!

What is your involvement in Bruins for Israel?
This year I was the director of Media, I did all the graphics, photography and the website. Next year I’ll be the President! Haha, moving my way up the corporate ladder. But I’m really excited to be President.

What does Bruins for Israel do?
The short version is that Bruins for Israel is the premier pro-Israel group at UCLA. We work to educate the greater campus community on the politics, history and culture of the Jewish State of Israel.

How did the club get started?
In around 2005 a group of students saw that a pro-Israel voice was not only not represented but was being misrepresented. So they came together and decided to establish a group that would actively be there to teach students about this great place that so many of us call home.
OR we could say that superman started the group because he was too busy saving the world.

How did you get involved in Bruins for Israel?
The first activities fair of my freshman I saw someone standing on a chair draped in an Israel flag and I was like “AHA! That’s where I need to go”

How often do you meet? Do you have any upcoming events?
There are general member meetings every Tuesday night that deal with internal Israeli topics. Then once a quarter we have a large event. For example, this past Tuesday (May 6) we had a huge Israel Independence day celebration in Bruin Plaza. Our website has a calendar of all upcoming events:

How can a student join? Can anyone become a part of Bruins for Israel?
To join, you just start coming to general meetings! Anyone can be a part of Bruins for Israel.

Why would you recommend someone join Bruins for Israel?
I wouldn’t, it’s super boring. Kidding! Of course I would! I’ve been in it for 3 years and I love it.

Moving on to residential living. In your opinion, what is the best residence hall and why?
Courtside! Haha, I’m anti-social, I know. That was where I lived freshman year and I am still close friends with many people who lived in my house (contrary to popular belief, Courtside doesn’t have “floors” but “houses”, and the whole house experience made everything feel smaller and more approachable).

What was your favorite memory of living On The Hill?
Weirdly, the first day I moved in when like everything was so stereotypically college-y. It just felt so movie-like and real at the same time and I was thinking to myself “I’m about to spend 4 years at this school, this is awesome”.

What is your favorite dining hall?
I had this weird obsession with Covel. GRAB THE PITCHFORKS. I am just pasta obsessed and no other dining hall comes to the good pasta. And I’m sorry but when I got to Bruin Plate, I spend double the time because I have to get 5X more plates since they give you like 3 green peas as a meal.

What is your favorite song from Frozen? And how often do you find yourself belting it out?
Love is an open door. How often do I belt it out? About five times a day, and a video is soon to come hahaha

What is your opinion on James Franco’s selfies?
Homie needs a life. His selfie obsession is a little odd, but whatever floats his boat.

Thank you for sitting with OTH!

by Laurie Goodman