Spring Break Meal Options

spreak_break_on_campus_meal_options-01 (1)

Welcome to spring break! WOO! YOU’RE AT THE BEST POSSIBLE PLACE YOU CAN BE THIS WEEK. ON CAMPUS. Just kidding. Now, if this is your first spring break here, you will know that there are actually no meals offered here during the break by the dining halls.

Therefore, to keep you from scavenging for food, we’ve come up with some cheap alternatives for you instead.

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How to Recklessly Swipe your Swipes Away

what to do with leftover swipes

So you have 19P and you never woke up for breakfast. Ever.¬† Or you have some other meal plan and don’t eat. Either way, you’re here for one reason: you have way too many darned¬†swipes. And you’re starting to freak out because Week 10 is finally here and you NEED to get rid of all those 50 swipes. Here is OTH’s advice on how you can get rid of them in the most awesome way possible:

1. Donate to the homeless. There will be a booth outside De Neve around tenth week. Feed people who actually need the food!

2. Now is the time to create weird combinations of different things you never had the courage to do because you didn’t have enough swipes. Get a burrito and then a combo box from Rende. Proceed to take all the filling out of the burrito and wrap the specimen up with all of the combo box food. Boom. Asian fusion.

3. Get the green tea ice cream with mango and red beans or the mango vanilla ice cream nachos at Rende after 9. It is OTH’s personal opinion that many people do not know about this phenomenon. Exploit it.

4. Swipe boba from Hedrick. Have a boba fight using the straws. Do we even need to explain how this could be hours of fun? It’s the struggling college kids’ version of a nerf gun fight.

5. Make people’s days. Go swipe random people. You’ll be surprised how good you’ll feel about helping people out.

All right. That’s 5 tips. Get out there and use those swipes!

by Jerry Cheung