Best Summer Classes to Take

Cool_Summer_ClassesSummer is a carefree time full of sun, sand and, unfortunately for some, studying. But for those on campus finding themselves taking summer classes, On The Hill has got you covered for the best classes being offered in the season. So in between beach trips, try taking these courses ,you might just learn something and have a great time while doing it.

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How to Survive Taking 4 Classes

Survive_4_Classes-01Ever had that eye-roll worthy conversation with that one  friend who is either super pumped or super stressed over life because he/she is taking 4 (sometimes 5) classes? And you’re sitting there thinking to yourself one of two things : “How could you possibly be thrilled about 4 classes?” OR “Well you may be stressed out, but you did this to yourself.”

Don’t fool yourself, we’ve all been there. Even if you are one of those eye-roll inducing overachievers who DO take 4 classes a quarter – like myself – it probably didn’t start that way. Or maybe you’re taking 4 classes just for the fun of it or to graduate early. Odds are, you had some sort of initial doubt about putting yourself headfirst into 4 classes. But once you got the hang of it,  piece of cake, right?

So how do we do it?

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