Best Classes to Take This Winter Quarter


Winter Quarter is fast approaching! And this means that it will soon be time to solidify your schedules, so here are a few of my favorite GE classes!

1) Scandinavian 50 – this class is not only super interesting, but not the most difficult either. You get to study topics of Scandinavian history, all while doing creative writing!

2) Italian Literature – this class was one of the favorite I’ve ever taken! You get to read and write about Pinnochio! Reading fairy tales for class? Yes please!

3) PhySci5 – want to get fit for February? Take this class! Learn how to manage your weight and maximize your calorie intake! A super cool and chill class to be in!

Even if some of these classes might be full, always keep a look out! Some professors give out PTEs on first day of class and people tend to drop classes during the first 2 weeks of the quarter. Don’t give up and you’ll be able to get the class of your dreams!

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