Guide to Downtown Los Angeles


So you’re going to downtown, and want to check out some landmarks there. It’s your first venture there from Westwood, and you’re a little unsure about what you should check out. Don’t worry, the staff of OTH have been before! Here are our recommendations:

Grand Park 

Wanna check out a park and lounge around in the grass? Downtown LA has that. The park itself looks like it was designed by Lyft with its bright pink chairs. It’s a pretty family-friendly park with a lot of neat statues. They also have a Starbucks if you get thirsty.

The Last Bookstore

This is a great hipster bookstore to check out. It’s very old looking and has hip art galleries and red wine (sometimes). Even if you’re not 21, you’ll find the area entertaining as there are often music performers who play jazz and sing in the area.

Los Angeles CIty Hall

Check out Los Angeles City Hall’s 27th floor. There’s a great view that gives you a look of the city. It’s free and for public admission on the weekdays!

Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels

This is a really nice place to take a picture and a 15 minute walk away from Little Tokyo. It is also a great relaxation place even if  you are not Christian. Check it out if you want to sit on some benches and smell nice flowers!

Checking out these places should take up the bulk of your day. End it with a nice dinner in the area and it should be a perfect weekend excursion!

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