Best Cafes to Study at in Westwood

The rapidly encroaching realization that finals are coming can draw even the most hardened procrastinators out of their apathy. Unfortunately on-campus study space is limited when every student at UCLA is coming to the same conclusion. Luckily, there are plenty of spots out in Westwood that provide a serene studying environment while also offering some delicious drinks and snacks to get you through your educational woes.

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5 Places You’d Rather Be…


Midterms got you down?  Well here are 5 places you can dream about while you study for your exams!

1. Jellyfish Lake, Palau


2. This all bacon restaurant in Montreal.

Via Flickr

3. Under a pile of adorable pugs.


4. In Germany on this guy’s open air glider.


5. But we all know what you really want to be doing: catching up on your Netflix binge-watching.


Good luck on midterms!

Stay Safe On The Hill


It’s that time of the quarter again… midterms.  Now commences the time where we will all stay up late cramming the night before and then brag to all our friends how we are running off of less sleep than they are.  Since most of you will be making late night treks from Powell, now seems like as good of a time as any to go over some safety tips for walking home late at night.

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Midterm Distractions

Midterms are coming. Ya know what that means. Your friends on Facebook suddenly become a lot more interesting. Your friends on Snapchat suddenly need about a thousand snaps of you trying to start work. Your room suddenly needs to get cleaned. You get the picture. You’re distracted, and you need to get started. OTH is going to help you out with that, so we’ve come up with a list of distractions you should watch out for:

1. Youtube – There are a lot of cats and puppies and tutorials and ten million other things that you will suddenly become interested in seeing instead of doing your work. Don’t do it. Click X. Remove adblock. The 30 second ads will deter you (maybe). Don’t use those 30 seconds to “study”.

2. Friends – No one wants to do work right now, you included. Hang out with your friends and you will fail. Don’t fail.

3. Every little task you’ve been putting off now – These things will suddenly become very attractive. In your mind, it’s become an immensely big deal for you to finally update your Facebook to reflect your current interests because people look at your profile.. and stuff, right?

4. “15” minute naps – Don’t do ’em. Don’t sleep because you’re too “tired”. You’re going to forget to wake up and cry because you wasted 10 hours in bed.

So here you go. Be aware of these four things and you will (perhaps) do well.