Best Cafes to Study at in Westwood

The rapidly encroaching realization that finals are coming can draw even the most hardened procrastinators out of their apathy. Unfortunately on-campus study space is limited when every student at UCLA is coming to the same conclusion. Luckily, there are plenty of spots out in Westwood that provide a serene studying environment while also offering some delicious drinks and snacks to get you through your educational woes.

1.) Cafe Elysee
Cafe Elysee is located on Gayley Ave. and provides a nice classy experience for serious studiers. Offering both large windows to let in the beautiful Southern Californian sun, as well as alfresco dining for those wanting to experience the weather in the flesh, Elysee is a complete French cafe experience that is open late for those needing to complete a caffeine-fueled paper or project.
2,) Espresso Profeta
This cafe specializes in its namesake, espresso and espresso drinks, however the patio provides a great environment to enjoy a whole host of other drinks and wide selection of baked goods. The cafe, located on Glendon Avenue, has both enclosed and open space providing a seating situation that has something for everyone.
3.) Koala Tapioca
A relative newbie in the Westwood cafe world, Koala Tapioca has already proved to be a popular place for students looking for a study spot as well as a quick bite to eat. The joint started out as a food truck owned by former UCLA students and has continued to serve student needs with widely available outlets, internet, and boba.
4.) ISO Fusion Cafe
For those looking for Asian fare, ISO fusion cafe has got you covered. Students that study here are treated to a menu full of a variety of tea drinks and Japanese food that will keep them sated while hitting the books. The cafe also scores points for a good internet connection and a welcoming environment for students by employees.

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