Street Fashion: Bevin


Name: Bevin
Year: Sophomore
Major: Psychology & Statistics
Special Quality: Waits for Late Night even if the line takes thirty minutes

It’s not too often that you find sophomores during midterms week dressed nicely, but Bevin has surprised OTH with her effort and initiative. Take a hint, Bruins. Dress well and you will get your ego stroked… by us 🙂

Street Fashion

So we never got her name, or any information about her for that fact, but her outfit says it all. Pair a pair of dark washed distressed denim with a tribal print (just make sure you’re not commodifying culture” top for this look. Top it off with a statement jewelry piece and some practical yet cute Chelsea boots and some stunner sunglasses.


Interview with Sam Norton: Rieber Hall President


Sam Norton is the president of Rieber Hall here at UCLA. He is a second year whose passion for his community is not only admirable, but inspiring. On the Hill sat down with Sam for an exclusive interview below:

OTH: What is your favorite dining hall on the hill? Food?
Sam: B-Plate of course. I love the Pepato Piatto from 1919 though.

OTH: What is your favorite memory from living on the hill so far?
Sam: My favorite memory is meeting my ORL staff for the first time and being able to see all the personalities and diversity of the people I would be working with for a year.

OTH: How did you get to be Rieber Hall president? What do you do?
Sam: I had a close relationship with the previous years president so she kind of told me how to campaign and things. I just talked to everyone I knew to get my name out there.

OTH: How would you suggest kids get involved on the hill and in the student community?
Sam: If they don’t want a time commitment then becoming involved in floor government particularly being a Community Representative is a great way to get a little exposure. Then of course there’s the HGR (Hill Government Representative) positions that will take up your time but you get a huge amount of experience and it really is awesome.

OTH: Where are you from? What is your major and year?
Sam: I was born in West Point, New York, however I currently live in Victorville, CA. I am a 2nd year Neuroscience major.

OTH: What are you going to be for Halloween?
Sam: Haven’t really though about that one. Maybe the doctor from “Doctor Who”. (May we say, nice choice).

OTH: Do you have a celebrity crush?
Sam: My celebrity Crush has to be Anna Kendrick. I fell in love with her eyes and her smile in 50/50 and even more when I found out she could sing from Pitch Perfect.

OTH: Boxers or briefs?
Sam: Boxer Briefs.

OTH: Who do you listen to more, Tyga or E40?
Sam: Sorry Nor Cal…Tyga

OTH: What makes Rieber Hall special?
Sam: How theme communities and the large diversity we have here from 1st and 2nd year students to international and multiracial students.

OTH: What is your favorite movie?
Sam: I don’t really have a favorite movie, more like a top 5 list of films that are equally amazing. But Donnie Darko Directors Cut is incredible.

White Chocolate and Cookies & Cream Gelato — A Match Made in Heaven?


Ever met someone who wanted their oreos in chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla? We don’t know about you, but we think those people are kind of weird. For a while, we even thought about unfriending them on Facebook for a bit (I know we did). But don’t worry! Y’all can be friends again ’cause we’ve come up with a solution for that troublesome friend of yours. Behold! The white chocolate gelato paired with cookies and cream! Try it out at 1919 today

Check out the whole menu and hours here:

Nathan Galovan on Conan!

Check out UCLA fourth year Nathan Galovan on The Conan O’ Brien Show!

Nathan Galovan is a twenty-one year old Film and Television major who aspires to be a comedic screenwriter. As Conan-internshipless students over at On The HIll, we personally believe that this is a major step forward into the entertainment industry. And so curious about how he got onto the show, Jerry from On The Hill (OTH) invited him over to the studio to talk about how he obtained the position.  Though Nathan professes after a long talk that there is no magical formula to secure an internship on a show such as Conan, Nathan was glad to share with us the many activities he has been engaged in on campus to give us a clue as to how we may go along those same steps.

Back in his freshman year, when he first joined UCLA radio, Nathan found that his fascination with comedy was unfulfilled due to a lack of a comedy department at the station. After gaining some experience, Nathan decided to start his own comedy show, Late Noon with Nathan Galovan (now namedBruin Comedy Classic after two changes), which he says best mirrors SNL’s Weekend Update. According to Nathan, the comedy is “kind of like a satirical news portion of the radio, and we have topical jokes and characters on the show.” Via sketches and character pieces, Nathan and his guests give their witty inputs on current events like Bill Gates regaining his spot as richest man on the world. This comedy show later expanded into an entire comedy department equipped with interns and other members of the staff.

Nathan Galovan

Nathan Galovan

In addition, Nathan – along with a few of his peers — have also revived Satyr, a student-run humor magazine once prominent in the 60’s, which functions as (quite obviously) a satire of current cultural events. Nathan is also a writer and actor for the hilarious Company, which performs annually at Spring Sing. As if that weren’t enough, Nathan also worked for ResTV – UCLA’s residential life channel – as a video production assistant. He says that his experience tailoring his sketches for a specific audience and writing under guidelines for ResTV were crucial to his current success.

Having previously lived on campus, we decided to ask him what part of residential life he enjoyed most. Nathan says that, above all, he enjoyed “the communal aspect of res-life, which was a great opportunity to go to events and meet people.” Nathan found the opportunities for personal relationships one of the best parts of living on the hill. He remarks Hedrick Hall was the best place to dine because of both its view and the long conversations there he enjoyed with his friends. And on a final parting note, when asked for his advice to those who would like to take a step into the industry, he says, “Actually go out there and do things. A lot of people say they want to be [something]… but never end up doing it.” So get out there, Bruins!

Interview by Jerry Cheung

Street Fashion: Jae


Jae, our fashion superstar

Year: Freshman
Major: Human Biology and Society
Special Quality: that twinkle in his eye

UCLA is a campus whose smarts are rivaled only by its style. In a new feature, we will bring you the chillest, most well-dressed kids on campus, besides us of course.

This week’s feature is a kid named Jae. Check out his neat whale shirt and wind swept hair. If you’d like to get in contact with him, call (310) – 995 — just kidding…we’d never give out numbers. Plus, we want him for ourselves.

-On The Hill