Creepy Halloween Nails


Halloween is a mere few days away, and we hope you already have your costumes figured out! To add on to the creepiness, we found a few really scary nail designs you can try. Happy experimenting!

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4 Frugal Halloween Costumes for the Lazy

So, you’re way too lazy to design a costume for Halloween, but you need one to get into a party. And your friend Ben won’t let you use his. Okay. It’s cool. You’re cool.¬†You have some options.

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Four Terrifying Halloween Festivities You Can Do in LA


So, you’re in the spirit of celebrating Halloween like a child again, but you have no idea what you can do in LA. You can’t trick or treat anymore. You can’t sit and eat candy while watching Halloween reruns. Without further ado, here are four¬†awesome events you can do in the spirit of Halloween. Continue reading