Four Terrifying Halloween Festivities You Can Do in LA


So, you’re in the spirit of celebrating Halloween like a child again, but you have no idea what you can do in LA. You can’t trick or treat anymore. You can’t sit and eat candy while watching Halloween reruns. Without further ado, here are four awesome events you can do in the spirit of Halloween.

1. Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights (9/19-11/2)

If you’re looking to walk through a variety of themed scary environments with zombie actors, look no further. Walk through some haunted houses and zombie infested zones. The experience goes from 7pm to 2am, and there are a ton of rides you can try if you’re not into the mazes. This is one of the most popularly mentioned Halloween-scary events college students want to go to. If you’re a fan of the TV show The Walking Dead, you’d be in for a treat as Universal has special mazes for TWD fans.

2. Screamfest (10/14-10/23)

This is the Sundance of horror films. Check out all the newest scary films coming out at the TCL Chinese Theater Imax center. If you’re looking for a bunch of films that’ll scare you, do it.

3. Great Horror Campout

We’re aware that tickets are sold out for this year, but this is such a cool event that I want to share it so that more people will be aware of it next year. Essentially, it’s a camping trip in a park where you are attacked by zombies throughout the whole night as you have to go on a scavenger hunt with your buddies to retrieve the necessary materials (first aid kits, etc) to survive. It’s a highly immersive atmosphere that’ll get your adrenaline running.

4. Knott’s Scary Farm

Similar to Horror nights, Knott’s Scary Farm is also a themed park but it is further away in Orange County. There are reviews that have gone in favor of Knott’s while great things have been said about Horror Nights also. Essentially, you’re rolling the dice when you’re choosing between the two, but you’ll have a good time regardless, check them out too! Here’s their schedule:

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