Mother’s Day 2015

Mothers_Day-01Mark your calendar, because Mother’s day is on its way! This Sunday, May 10th is our annual day of mother appreciation, and of course we’re all busy with midterms and other college-y things, but here’s a few ideas to remind Mom just how much you love her.

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On The Hill 1,000th Like Facebook Contest!

1000th like flyer more fun

On The Hill is proud to announce that we have reached 1,000 likes on Facebook! To thank our readers and followers, we are running a 1,000th Like Contest for all Hill residents.

How The Contest Works:

  1. Readers can go on our Facebook page and like the contest post
  2. By liking the post, you are automatically entered to a draw to win 5 giveaways of $25 in Bruin Cash!
  3. If you choose to comment on the contest post with your floor/house (eg. Hitch A rocks! Courtside C6 rules! De Neve B2 is awesome! Rieber Terrace 9 is the best!), you (and your floor/house) will automatically be entered to win a pizza/pizookie party from BJ’s!
  4. The floor/house of each community with the most residents commenting will win the pizza party
  5. You can win both the Bruin Cash and pizza party as long as you like and comment

In short, ‘like‘ the post to win the BruinCash, ‘like‘ and ‘comment‘ to qualify for the pizza party for you and your floor/house!

Contest Rules:

  1. You must like the On The Hill page
  2. You must be a Hill resident
  3. 1 BJ’s pizza party winner per community (total of 4 pizza parties are given away)
  4. 5 fans who liked the contest post will be drawn and selected at random to win the 5 $25 BruinCash award
  5. Contest runs until May 8th at 11:59pm

Questions? Post a comment or email us at

Campus Celebrities: Hot Chocolate Party

Hot chocolate party  2

From L to R: (Karel Ebergen, Andrew Hahn, Brian Kiely, Michael Yanoska, Nick Agee, Alex Vergel)

A Hot Chocolate Party sounds like a mostly quiet affair full of sipping, but for six Los Angeles-based comedians the name invites viewers to take a look at their mix of outrageous sketch comedy and video game themed rap music. The comedy group, most of whom are Bruin alumni, treat online audiences to their sweet mix of funny material. The group sat down with On The Hill to talk about the origins of their group, their progression as comedians and their future plans as Hot Chocolate Party.

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Coachella Alternatives for College Students

Coachella_Alternatives-01So maybe you missed Coachella this year. Or maybe you decided not to go this year to spare your wallet. Or MAYBE, in a weird turn of events, you’ve been to Coachella so many times before that you’re ready for something new. Whatever the case may be, we have you covered. Here’s 5 fun alternatives to Coachella 2015 :

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What to do When Construction is Interfering With Your Peace of Mind


Oh no. You’re startled awake by the walls shaking and loud construction noises coming from the Rendezvous construction. Again. You check the time. “8am?! WAY too early,” you’re thinking. Or maybe you’re trying to study but the racket just won’t let you get in the zone. Or maybe you’re not sleeping or studying at all, but the noise is simply ruining your inner peace. We’ll admit, construction sounds are definitely not our daily walk in the park either, but here at OTH, we believe in making the best out of any situation. Here’s 8 things you can do to still manage your time wisely and show that construction site who the real winner is.

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Off the Record: Jackson Mercer

Courtesy of Norm Levin Photography & Jackson Mercer

Courtesy of Norm Levin Photography & Jackson Mercer

We’re back with another feature of talented musician on campus! Today, we are featuring Jackson Mercer, a third year Jewish Studies major. Watch this awesome music video by Studio 22 and check out this interview to learn more Jackson and his passion for music.

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