Mother’s Day 2015

Mothers_Day-01Mark your calendar, because Mother’s day is on its way! This Sunday, May 10th is our annual day of mother appreciation, and of course we’re all busy with midterms and other college-y things, but here’s a few ideas to remind Mom just how much you love her.

(1) Call/Skype/Facetime. 
Nothing means more than hearing the voices of the people we love most. Brighten your mom’s day with a quick phone call. It’s a perfect tell her happy Mother’s Day and see how she’s doing. If she’s tech savvy, you could even try to plan a time to Skype/Facetime date with her.

(2) Send her a card. 
Cards come in all shapes and sizes and personalities, so there’s always a little something for everyone. Don’t underestimate the sentimentality of cards – especially when it comes in the mail. Find that one special card that fits Mom best and send it off! Mail can make anyone’s day, especially relatives, so go ahead and make Mom smile with a cute card.

(3) Make a video. 
Nothing says tears of joy like homemade videos. It could be anything from a quick recording of yourself or a slideshow of pictures. Whichever way your creativity flows, showing your mom you love her through video is a thoughtful and inexpensive way to make her day. Perfect for international and out-of-state students who can’t be with their mom this Sunday.

(4) Have flowers delivered. 
Can’t go wrong here. Flowers are sweet, thoughtful, and pretty to look at. Just like our moms! Most flower shops will even hand deliver right to your door, so you can order them on the go and have them dropped off at Mom’s house, office, or even to you! (If you plan on giving them to her yourself.)

(5) Take her out. 
If your mom lives close, plan a mother/child day. Take her to her favorite restaurant for lunch/dinner – your treat! Or if no one’s hungry, go and bond over a movie. Nerd out over the Avengers: Age of Ultron or even go see Dreamworks’ new, Home. On the flipside, if she doesn’t live close, send her a gift card to her favorite restaurant for her and a plus one (friend or sibling or dad or whoever) to go out anyways.


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