8 of the Most Underrated Places to Eat in Westwood.

Underrated_Places_to_Eat-01Living in Westwood is a lot of fun for us UCLA-ers. There’s movies, plays, tons of shopping, and Diddy Riese, of course. But what about the food?! Here’s 8 Westwood restaurants that don’t always get the attention they deserve.

(1) Native Foods. 
Vegan usually comes off in one of two ways: for the junk food lovers, it’s completely gross OR to the bplate lovers, it’s incredible. But Native Foods gets the best of both worlds with its menu. Everything they make is hand cooked and completely healthy, even the desserts. It’s not just salad and kale, but junk food lover stuff like nachos and smoothies and even wings. It’s hard to explain, but go find out and you’ll see for yourself!

(2) Bella Pita.
Bella Pita is the Chipotle of pita in the best way possible. You can choose one the pita options on the menu, or you can even customize your own. There’s a topping bar with several dressings and vegetable options. Definitely a good place to eat when you’re in a hurry or on the go.

(3) Bollywood Bites. 
If you like Indian food, Bollywood Bites is definitely the place to go. It’s absolutely delicious, nice portions, great service, inexpensive, and it’s never too crowded inside. They give you so many options for how you want your food prepared and how spicy you want it to be. It’s the perfect place to go to try a new dish for the first time.

(4) Whole Foods.
This may seem like an unusual choice, but Whole Foods’ hot food section is fantastic. They have everything from samosas and fish to macaroni-and-cheese and barbecue chicken. On top of that, there’s an incredible sushi bar and an area where you can get custom sandwiches or personal pizzas.

(5) Ami Sushi. 
Most people just go for Yamato or Tomodachi, while Ami basks in its glory all alone. Don’t be fooled by the lack of popularity though. Ami is great sushi. The portions are huge and there are even happy hour specials where you can get all you can eat sushi for just 20-25 dollars.

(6) Fat Burger. 
Oh gosh, you’re thinking just another burger place, but it’s not. One of Fat Burger’s best things is their chicken. It’s cooked just right, and it still goes great with fries and milkshakes.

(7) Ike’s. 
Ike’s is a great place for a sandwich. They’e pretty good sized portions and it’s delicious. Kick Subway to the curb for a day and stop by the new Ike’s location on Westwood Blvd.

(8) Garlo’s.
Garlo’s is a perfect place to go for pie. Breakfast pie, lunch pie, dinner pie, and even dessert pie. Garlo’s has a pie for every hour of the day, and it’s pretty cheap. Most of their menu items are 5 dollars or under, and the pies are easy to carry on the go.


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