Your Guide to BruinView


So, you want an internship or a job. You’ve heard about Bruinview, but you don’t know exactly how it works. We’re here to update you. Here are the main points:


How do you get onto Bruinview? To gain access to Bruinview, you have to submit a resume for approval. Login with your UCLA account here. If you’re not feeling confident about your resume, run it by some friends you know who’ve gotten great internships from reputable companies. Compare yours to theirs, and see how you can present yourself better. You can also schedule resume critiques and career counseling with the UCLA Career Center if you feel a little lost!


What kind of uses does Bruinview provide?

Bruinview also offers a huge list of employers who are looking for interns or full time/part-time employees. This is where you will be spending the bulk of your time on Bruinview. Bruinview offers all types of jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities, so there is something for everyone.


Where is the Career Center? (This is slightly unrelated, but it does have to do with employment).

The Career Center is down from Ackerman towards the Ronald Reagan Hospital. It’s right on the corner of the street.


Who should use Bruinview?

You. One thing many people do not realize is that Bruinview access does not extend past your graduation date (unless you purchase a separate membership account with UCLA Alumni), so make sure you make your job search easier and use Bruinview while you’re still enrolled at UCLA.


Why should you register an account on Bruinview?

Because you want a job. Because you want to afford Coachella tickets and be independent. Because On the Hill said so. Whatever your reason is, do not waste your chance on using one of the most comprehensive job search tools there is in the market! Plus, if you secure an early employment offer before graduation, you can chill during your last quarter and just enjoy UCLA. It’s a win-win.

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