What I’ve Learned As a Freshman

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Nothing is as it seems.
Well we learn this one from the very first day of New Student Orientation and it just keeps getting weirder and weirder. I won’t spoil the fun for the newbies, but just remember that nothing about UCLA or college is what you expect.

The freshman fifteen is real.
I’m telling you, it’s real. So unbelievably real. Hill food is fantastic, but you better watch out, because even all of the walking to and from classes can’t keep up with the amount of deep dish brownies and Bcaf smoothies that you’ll consume. And oh gosh, not only that, but there are incredible restaurants and food places in Westwood, including our very own Diddy Riese to take advantage of. My advice to you: USE THE GYMS WHILE THEY’RE FREE.

Use your swipes wisely. (but not too wisely)
The most common problem i’ve seen amongst my fellow freshmen friends is that people either use up all of their swipes too quickly and are forced to beg for swipes, OR people try to ration them to the point where they have a surplus of extra swipes at the end of the quarter and nothing to do with them. Of course there are programs like Swipes for the Homeless, so try to use wisely enough to be giving but also get your fill!

Don’t underestimate the value of people.
People have connections everywhere! In clubs, jobs, organizations, camps, etc. I promise you, every single person you meet in college will know someone else that you know or be involved in something that you’re involved in. Try to build really good relationships with all of the people you meet, because who knows where they’ll turn up in the future.

Be involved.
Be involved and start early! No one wants to be the person who never knows what’s going on. College is all about the experiences. Whether it’s attending just ONE football game, joining a club, reading the headline of the Daily Bruin, or simply spending 4 hours at Spring Sing, go! That’s half the fun of being a Bruin, so don’t miss out on some of the biggest news or events.

Don’t do laundry on weekends.
Trying to do laundry on weekends is like walking through Dante’s imaginary 11th circle. First of all, everyone wants to do laundry on weekends, so you’ll have to wait a long time. You’ll bring your stuff down all ready to go, just to turn around and head back upstairs because all of the washers are in use. Then once you get your stuff washed, the dryers will be full, people will forget to come get their stuff, and you’ll have this internal debate with yourself about waiting or being that person who just tosses a strangers stuff on a counter for the sake of a dryer. Go on weekdays. Weekdays are your ally.

Go to office hours.
I cannot stress this enough, but please go. Office hours are actually the most useful thing in the world. Professors here are so chill, and just by showing up a couple times within the quarter, they’ll learn your name and instantly think of you as a good student. Not only that, but sometimes they have food, they’ll talk to you about your personal life, and most of the time, they genuinely care about your grade.

Take as many opportunities as possible.
Opportunities in college are definitely something to take advantage of while you can. Anything from internship opportunities to spontaneous trips to 6 flags with your residential hall floor can be beneficial. Apply for jobs, clubs, organizations. Meet people and go to campus events and just take it all in. Use the gyms, swim in the pools, take a free zumba class on the hill. These opportunities wont be here for ever, so as Nike would say, JUST DO IT.

One thought on “What I’ve Learned As a Freshman

  1. thebubl says:

    I also just finish freshman year and the laundry on the weekends rule is real. Impossible to find a dryer on a saturday at 3pm. It’s pretty funny how no one thinks to do laundry on a Tuesday but everyone has the same great idea on Saturdays and Sundays! -Dana

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