The Top 5 Songs of your Childhood


Finals got ya down? Essays got ya down? Projects got ya down? Well you know what? Let’s indulge. Let’s go back to when things were simple and easy. Let’s go back to when multiplication was hard, and integrals were a fairy tale. Let’s go back to when we had to read Goosebumps as our summer book report, and 15 page papers on industrialized gentrification and quantum dynamics were absurd. Let’s listen to some songs that’ll take us back.

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Top 5 Cereals We All Miss From Childhood


Remember when you used to go to the grocery store, and your parents would be off buying practical things while you were perusing the endless selections of sugary cereal?  Remember when your parents told you that you couldn’t have whatever cereal you picked out?  Well I do.  And even if you don’t, you should enjoy this list of all the best sugary cereals that you can buy today without your parents telling you that you can’t!
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