The Top 5 Songs of your Childhood


Finals got ya down? Essays got ya down? Projects got ya down? Well you know what? Let’s indulge. Let’s go back to when things were simple and easy. Let’s go back to when multiplication was hard, and integrals were a fairy tale. Let’s go back to when we had to read Goosebumps as our summer book report, and 15 page papers on industrialized gentrification and quantum dynamics were absurd. Let’s listen to some songs that’ll take us back.

1. A*Teens – Bouncing off the Ceiling

Perhaps you were too cool for this song. Perhaps you only sang it in your room with the windows closed, door locked, and not a soul home. But you darn well sang it. Just imagine little you jumping on your bed singing at the top of your lungs UPSIDE DOWN BOUNCIN OFF THE CEILING and you’ll smile and remember.

2. Will Smith – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

My life flipped-turned upside down… after hearing this song. And I’d like you to take a minute and sit right there, cause I’ma tell you what it’s like to be… a teeny bopper. I admit. I am not as good at rhyming as Will is. But, I did at one point know the lyrics to this entire song. And so did you because it was magical.

3. Smash Mouth – All Star

Hey now, you’re an all star, get the show on! Remember this song? When I heard this song as a kid, I thought I could do anything in the world. This was my pump up music before Little League games.This was the team theme song. This is positivity at its best.

4. Simple Plan – Welcome to My Life 

Ah, remember teenage angst? Remember being sad about middle school? Well Simple Plan does. They made millions off of 13 year old teens’ tears, actually. Never mind the morality of that, cause you don’t know what it’s like nananannana welcome to my life.

5.  Britney Spears – Oops, I Did it Again

Who could forget Britney’s nasally voice? Who could forget the chorus? Of course, rewatching this music video and realizing she was 19 made it slightly disturbing, but what can you do? This song was catchy, even if you hated it.

With that, rejoice in your childhood joy.

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