Black History Month 2014


Black History Month is almost over! But as a reminder of how important it is, we’ve created a couple events that UCLA is hosting in honor of it! Remember, every month is a month to honor another’s contribution and heritage.

Now through March 2 catch the ‘Double Fortune, Double Trouble: Art for Twins Among the Yoruba’ art exhibition at the Fowler Museum! It explores the power “two-ness” in Yoruba art, an art form found in Northern Africa. It features more than 250 carved-wood sculptures.

Also at the Fowler until March 2 is the ‘Powerful Bodies: Zulu Arts of Personal Adornment’ exhibition. In 19th-century southern Africa, Zulu speakers wore, as part of their culture, highly individualized arts of personal adornment. This collection features 79 pieces.

On Thursday Feb. 27 from 12 p.m.–1 p.m. in Bunche there will be the ‘Circle of Thought’ Lecture: Donna Murch. Visiting scholar, Donna Murch, focuses on postwar U.S. history, modern African American history, and 20th-century urban studies.

Also on Thursday, Feb. 27 at 7:30 p.m. there is the ‘Fade: The Art of Aging’ at the Billy Wilder Theater, Hammer Museum. This lecture features Los Angeles artist and UCLA alumna Betye Saar, whose was also part of the Hammer’s “Now Dig This! Art and Black Los Angeles 1960–1980” exhibition in 2011–12.

Hope you guys can make it out to some of these culturally relevant events!

4 Tips on How to Get that FAFSA Done on Time

So FAFSA season is up again.. amidst all of our midterms, homework, clubs, etc. it may be hard to find time and motivation to fill out our forms. OTH here is to motivate you to do otherwise:


1. Open that FAFSA up. Take a look at it. You can do it. It’s do-able. You’ve done it before and you can do it again. Realize it won’t take more than 30 minutes, provided you have all the information you need.

2. Buy a tub of ice cream. Keep it in the fridge. You may only eat it when you have finished your FAFSA. Be aware: your roommates are hungry college students who devour ice cream like hyenas.

3. Do it in a nice place, like the grass in the Sculpture Gardens on a bright sunny day.

4. Do it while chomping away on your Saturday morning omelette. Good food motivates.

Remember, the deadline is this Sunday, March 2nd. So get going and finish your FAFSA on time! We believe in you.

Style Picks: Chloe


A resident of the Hill, Chloe stands out among the crowd! Her pixie cut caught our attention first and then we noticed…her outfit was incredibly cute. Black leather boots with a white linen dress and a denim jacket equals perfection. Chloe is a member of a sorority her on campus.

Top 5 Things that Students Lose

Can you believe that we are more than halfway through the year? Time passes by so quickly when you’re having midterms fun. We don’t know about you, but we have lost our fair share of things throughout the year. So we decided to compile a list for you to enjoy (or cry over as you remember that precious $23.50 spent on a new Bruincard).

Have you lost any of these?

Have you lost any of these?

1. BruinCards

Stop losing those! They cost $23.50 to replace. In case you lose it and need a meal, stop by the front desk for meal tickets. You can also go to the BruinCard website to suspend your card and protect the balance if you lose your BruinCard.

2. Room keys

We know that you get 5 in total, but remember, the next time you’re down at Sproul front desk in nothing but a towel with no key replacements left, you’ll regret it. (Just kidding, they can charge your Bruinbill for it, but still, isn’t that a good deterrent to keep your room key safely?)

3. Perfectly Conditioned iPhones

Stop dropping ’em. Stop cracking ’em. Get a case that covers both sides of your phone so when the new iPhone comes out, you can still sell your old one. And also, to save hundreds of dollars buying a new smartphone when you really don’t need one.

4. Homework

No. Your dog did not eat your homework. Stop having too much fun on Thursdays. Do your work!

5.  Your (social) lives during finals week

Study more often, so you can be “that person” during finals week who just sips water instead of a caffeinated beverage, while happily watching cat videos on Youtube. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Share us your stories! What are some of the things you have lost during your time here at UCLA? 

Water Conservation Tip #1: Turn off water while brushing your teeth

Did you know that California is facing a serious drought? With the increased need to save water these days, OTH has come up with a few easy tricks for you to save water and help conserve this resource. Our tip #1:


Brush your teeth with the water off.  Turn on the faucet when you’re done to wash up. We know the darned toothpaste tends to drip out of your mouth, but bear with it, or the bears will die..

It starts with the small things! Look out for more tips in the coming weeks.

How to Fundraise for Dance Marathon

fundraise_for_dm (1)

Want to fight for a cause you believe in? Well Dance Marathon may be the fit for you. Dance the night away while making memories you will never forget with your friends. Here are some tips to help you fundraise:

  1. Create a BLOG. Send everyone you know the link to your page and post regular updates about your efforts. Use this to raise awareness, invite people to your fundraising events, and collect donations online!
  2. It may sound simple, but ASK! Write a letter explaining the cause, what it means to you, and who benefits. Send your letter to everyone!
  3. Have a talent you’ve always wanted to share? Hold a small EVENT to showcase it! Get friends involved and ask for donations!

Now that you have the tools anything is possible! Go make a difference! We know you can.

Have any cool fundraising ideas? Share it with us!

President’s Day


Did you know President’s Day is actually George Washington’s birthday? The holiday was actually enacted in 1879; contrary to the common assumption that the holiday was created right after Washington helped to found the country.

Side note: the holiday can also be spelled as “Presidents Day”, which is also interesting. Anyways, celebrate and use today to remember we live in a country that George Washington contributed to create!

The Four Types of People You See on Valentine’s Day

No matter where you go, there are going to be completely different reactions people will have about Valentine’s Day. Some groan. Some convulse in excitement. Some shrug their shoulders and walk away. Some wail in despair. Here are the four types OTH has noticed quite frequently:

1. The Angry Hipster


This person condemns Valentine’s Day; they denounce “the entire day as a product of consumerist culture that detracts from expressing your love for your significant other each and every day no matter what because those corporate pigs are just out there trying to get our money – do you know what I’m saying?”

2. The Hopeless Romantic


The second type of person is completely into the idea of Valentines. This is the kid who made sure they had sweethearts prepared for each and every other kid in their class ENGRAVED with their names. Now grown up, this person runs around frantically weeks before Valentine’s day in desperation looking for the perfect Valentine’s day gift.

3. The-Holed-Up-in-my-Room-until-Valentine’s-Day-is-sob-over Person


The third type of person is the lamenting single person who actively wishes they had someone to love in their life. These people are generally kind of a downer on 2/14. Stay away (unless you love them.. in which case why didn’t you get them a Valentine?)

4. Everyone Else in the World


The fourth type of person is the majority of people. They’re completely indfiferent. Valentines is just another day in the claendar. These people do not celebrate occasions that they don’t find cool. These people are generally the ones who are also completely nonchalant about other holidays and are generally not very exciting to hang out with.

So with that, you have your four people you’ll see on Valentine’s day. Whatever route you choose, stay safe and if you do choose to propose, send it over for us to see!

Club Highlight: Model United Nations

Check out this interview we did with Model UN, a super cool organization on campus with a focus on learning and debate! Featuring Jason Woo and Jeremy Gonzaga!

Beverly: What does Model UN do?
Jason: Not many people know what Model UN does. We’ve been asked if we’re a modeling agency before. We are an academic simulation of the UN. We travel to and host conferences in which delegates take on roles and discuss topics and actions that can be taken to resolve problems.

Beverly: Is it for people who want to go into politics?
Jason: Not at all. It’s a good steppingstone for that kind of thing but our president is a mechanical engineering major. It’s for everyone.

Beverly: Is there an application process?
Jason: There are no memberships. You need to show up to our mandatory meetings. If you want to staff our conferences, our applications go out first week of Winter Quarter each year.

Beverly: What’s the difference between being a member and being a staff member?
Jason: Being a member means you can just come to meetings but if you’re staff you come to meeting an extra hour a week and we train you. No prior experience needed.

Beverly: When are meetings?
Jason: Every week, Tuesday in Humanities room 169 at 6pm.

Beverly: Do you guys have a way people can reach you?
Jason: We have a Facebook page which is Model UN and a website which is You can also access our Facebook through the website.

Beverly: What is travel team?
Jason: You get to go out to other college conferences and be a delegate yourself. We totally subsidize hotel and airfare. It’s really cool! This year we went to Georgetown. We will be going to Berkeley and the University of Chicago. Next year we are thinking of going to USC because they are thinking about starting a Model UN over there!

Beverly: Favorite event?
Jason: Bruin MUN. It’s a high school event where thousands of high school kids come in and we just get to see them grow into wonderful students. It’s a huge conference.

Beverly: Did you guys live on the Hill at any point? How was it?
Jason: I lived in Hitch Suites. Horrible. Walking all the way up there.
Jeremy: I lived in Saxon. Similar experience but a bit closer to campus.

Beverly: Favorite dining hall?
Jason: I frequented 1919 and BCafe because I didn’t really like the dining halls but if I had to choose, Covel.
Jeremy: Covel, because they are the only dining hall that goes to 9pm.

Interview by Beverly Okhio

Jamzilla 2014

If there’s anything remotely entertaining about I-405 closures, it’s the seemingly random and weird names LA residents give these closures. Remember 2012’s Carmageddon? It’s back, and now it’s known as the Jamzilla.

The I-405 contractor will be paving a major segment of the future northbound I-405 HOV lane in the Sepulveda Pass. If you are a regular on I-405, be aware that there will be an 80-hour northbound I-405 freeway lane closure Presidents’ Day weekend, February 14 to 18, 2014.

Our advice: just stay in Westwood. Or leave early. Like really early.

More information here.