The Four Types of People You See on Valentine’s Day

No matter where you go, there are going to be completely different reactions people will have about Valentine’s Day. Some groan. Some convulse in excitement. Some shrug their shoulders and walk away. Some wail in despair. Here are the four types OTH has noticed quite frequently:

1. The Angry Hipster


This person condemns Valentine’s Day; they denounce “the entire day as a product of consumerist culture that detracts from expressing your love for your significant other each and every day no matter what because those corporate pigs are just out there trying to get our money – do you know what I’m saying?”

2. The Hopeless Romantic


The second type of person is completely into the idea of Valentines. This is the kid who made sure they had sweethearts prepared for each and every other kid in their class ENGRAVED with their names. Now grown up, this person runs around frantically weeks before Valentine’s day in desperation looking for the perfect Valentine’s day gift.

3. The-Holed-Up-in-my-Room-until-Valentine’s-Day-is-sob-over Person


The third type of person is the lamenting single person who actively wishes they had someone to love in their life. These people are generally kind of a downer on 2/14. Stay away (unless you love them.. in which case why didn’t you get them a Valentine?)

4. Everyone Else in the World


The fourth type of person is the majority of people. They’re completely indfiferent. Valentines is just another day in the claendar. These people do not celebrate occasions that they don’t find cool. These people are generally the ones who are also completely nonchalant about other holidays and are generally not very exciting to hang out with.

So with that, you have your four people you’ll see on Valentine’s day. Whatever route you choose, stay safe and if you do choose to propose, send it over for us to see!


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