What to do When Construction is Interfering With Your Peace of Mind


Oh no. You’re startled awake by the walls shaking and loud construction noises coming from the Rendezvous construction. Again. You check the time. “8am?! WAY too early,” you’re thinking. Or maybe you’re trying to study but the racket just won’t let you get in the zone. Or maybe you’re not sleeping or studying at all, but the noise is simply ruining your inner peace. We’ll admit, construction sounds are definitely not our daily walk in the park either, but here at OTH, we believe in making the best out of any situation. Here’s 8 things you can do to still manage your time wisely and show that construction site who the real winner is.

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Tips for Transfer Students

tips for new transfer students

Are you a brand new Bruin Transfer? Are you beyond excited to start your UCLA experience? We can’t wait for fall quarter to start, so here are a few helpful tips for all you transfers starting this year!

1. Live on campus: Why? Because our residence halls are the best, of course! But if that doesn’t convince you, also remember that there are transfer themed residence halls, where you can meet other transfers and bond over your transferness! Also, our dining halls don’t serve just your average “dorm” food. I mean seriously, how could you pass up Bruin Plate?

2. If you have already committed to living off campus, get an off campus meal plan: Just because you live off campus doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to enjoy the many dining options UCLA has to offer! Especially if you have never cooked for yourself before, you’ll be thanking me when you’re not eating instant ramen and Kraft Mac and Cheese every night (unless you’re into that sort of thing).

3. Go to the Student Activities Fair: This is the biggest congregation of clubs on campus that UCLA sees every year. People are basically begging for you to become their friend. So as a transfer student in a new place where you probably don’t know anyone, why not?

4. Find a part time job: If on campus clubs aren’t really your thing, try finding an on campus job! Part time jobs are a great way to meet new people, especially if you’re living off campus. Plus, most of UCLA’s student employment is conscious of your busy schedule, so the hours are really flexible! Check out job openings at the ASUCLA website, or our ORL website! And when in doubt, google it.

We hope this helps alleviate some of the anxiety you may have about starting your life at UCLA. But as a transfer student, I can say with confidence that this school has the best dining hall food ever. So at least you don’t have to be nervous about that.

by Laurie Goodman

Acing the Interview


So you just got an email back from your dream internship asking to set up a time for an interview. After having a dance party and getting a celebratory Monte Bianco from Cafe 1919, you suddenly realize that you have to actually talk to these people, and tell them why you are the best person for the job. Cue nervous freakout. But not to worry! The iMedia team is here with tips to help you prepare for your interview:

1. Do your research
Yes, you’ve probably skimmed over the website of the company or organization, but you need to dig deeper. What do they look for in their interns? Do you know the name of the person who is interviewing you? Have you stalked them on LinkedIn? Get to it.

2. Look smart
This is basic, don’t look like a hobo.

3. Have some questions prepared
At the end of the interview, they will inevitably ask if you have any questions about the position. THIS is your time to shine. Don’t just ask what the daily happenings of an average intern are, ask questions that show you are heavily invested in what they do! Make yourself stand out.

Don’t psych yourself out. Nothing is worse than a nervous, sweaty handshake before the interview even starts. They just want to get to know you. Breathe.

5. Be awesome
We know you are, now you just have to show them.

And for those who haven’t gotten an interview, don’t stress! There are plenty of internships you can still apply for. Visit the career portal through myUCLA for more information!