Things We Wish We Knew as a Freshman


Things We Wish We Knew…

It might be too late for us to cling to what hope and aspiration we once had as incoming freshmen, but you still have a chance! Read these tips below to learn what the social media team here at ResLife wish we’d known first year.

1.The first guy or gal you date in college won’t necessarily end up being your future bae. College is a transitory time! So take these four years as a growing period, not an end all be all.

2. The freshman fifteen is a real thing…a very very real thing. Unlike the boogyman or the Easter Bunny, fat is a very real compound, and if no caution is taken, it will creep up on you. As one of the most health conscious universities in America, use that to your advantage. But don’t forget to indulge every once in a while!

3. Be confident! Though there are thousands of undergrad Bruins, there is only one YOU! Use that to your advantage.

4. You don’t have to know what you are going to do with the rest of your life at 18 years old. Instead of freaking out over your major, focus on taking courses that will challenge you academically.

5. GO TO OFFICE HOURS. Not only do you get extra help, but you have the opportunity to build a relationship with your professor. We have award-winning professors at this university, many of which will teach a class you may be taking. Make the extra effort.

6.You can schedule same-day appointments at the Ashe Center if you sign up online at midnight the night before. If you need to see a doctor right away they have a walk-in too, but you may be waiting for a few hours.

7. You don’t have to join a million clubs… but you should pick one or two. It can get lonely. Going to a school with 30,000 people means that it’s going to take you a bit to find your friends, but getting through it will teach you how to be alone.

8. Don’t use the trays in the dining halls. It’s a waste of water.

Now go out and conquer your freshman year!

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