5 Things to Look Forward to in Spring Quarter


1. Jazz Reggae Festival

This is the chillest of all the chill events ever seen by humankind… Soar to the skies with these amazing musicians and your friends. Previous lineups have included big acts like Santigold, Lupe Fiasco and The Roots. Visit their Facebook page for updates about tickets and this year’s lineup.

2. Spring Sing

Amazing singers, amazing dancers, the next Sara Bareilles, the next Maroon 5 — all for your viewing pleasure, so take advantage of it while you’re still living On The Hill, because it’s harder to get tickets when you live off campus. Keep updated about Spring Sing here.

3. Dance Marathon

Dance the night away with your friends or help out to contribute to the cause of fighting pediatric aids! It’s a wonderful experience that you’ll always remember. UCLA has raised $3.5 million to the cause up to date. Be part of this great movement!

4. No More Rain

We still remember that horrible weekend of rain, which literally flooded Sproul Cove’s driveway at one point. Now we can enjoy the sun again!

5. Midterms

These are great ways of testing your knowledge! So study hard! (Just kidding. But at least you finished those winter quarter finals!) You are a step closer to summer.

Cesar Chavez Day



If you remember what your 3rd grade teacher told you and the bits you studied about him, you’ll know Cesar Chavez was a pretty darn good guy. That being said, the details as to what he did might be a little hazy for some of us out there, so here’s your short history lesson about Cesar.

Cesar Chavez founded the United Farm Workers. His efforts to fight racial discrimination were marked by much contention. He often underwent fasts (notably, he underwent a 36 day fast in 1988 to protest pesticide use) as a form of protest and morale-gathering. As a leader, he collectively organized many Hispanic immigrants and workers to fight for social justice. A hero in the Hispanic community today, Cesar Chavez’s birthday became a holiday to honor his actions.

So, next time you’re marked with an obstacle, remember: Sí, se puede

Life Hack: Saving Room in Your Closet

So if you’re someone who has a lot of clothes, you probably find the closets being provided to you by the dorms insufficient. You have clothes lying around and your bed is a mess because you can’t fit everything into the closet. Here’s your life hack that’ll fix everything:


Step 1: Drink soda. Just kidding. Get soda clips.

Step 2. Insert a clip into the hanger and then stick a hanger into that said clip. Repeat until you have made enough tiers.

Step 3. Voila! You instantly get more hanging space in your wardrobe. Say goodbye to messy rooms.

Step 4. Clean your room anyway. It wouldn’t hurt to have a clean room!

5 Events for 5 Days of Spring Break

As you all know, spring break is only a one week affair. It is kind of too short to go home or do something really big, so for some people, it makes economical sense to actually stay on campus. OTH has found a cool event a day for those who opt to stay on campus so that your Netflix account doesn’t get overused. You’re welcome.

5 days spring break

Women’s Water Polo vs. Harvard

Friday, March 21, 2014
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm, Sunset Canyon Recreation Ctr. – Spieker Aquatics Center


Quartet (LA Ballet)

Check out http://losangelesballet.org/index.htm for tickets!

Saturday, March 22, 2014
7:30 pm – 10:00 pm, Royce Hall – Auditorium

Current Exhibitions: Fowler Museum at UCLA

Sunday, March 23, 2014
12:00 pm – 5:00 pm, Fowler Museum Venue – Galleries


Netflix 4 Dayz

Monday, March 24, 2014
All Day, Your Room

Oh come on, you know the drill.

UCLA Baseball vs. Long Beach State

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Jackie Robinson Stadium – Facility


Know of a cool event? Let us know at socialmediaorl@gmail.com. 

The Origins of St. Patrick’s Day


So we always celebrate holidays, but a bunch of us have no idea what the stories behind these holidays are. So before you head off to do some St. Patrick’s debauchery – Observe. This is why we have this holiday:

St. Patrick’s Day originally began as a celebration of Christianity’s arrival to Ireland and slowly became a celebration of Irish heritage and culture. Festivities usually include alcohol (Lenten restrictions for alcohol and eating are waived for the day), hence it tends to be an event celebrated by many. As for Saint Patrick himself, he was born into a rich family but was kidnapped and became a slave in Ireland. According to him, God told him to escape and so he did and then he managed to return to Britain and began his studies as a priest. He was a great priest, and thus now he is celebrated.

All right, that’s your history lesson of the day. Now go out and have some fun! Or study for finals. Your pick!

Style Post: Coco

cocoWe saw Coco walking up towards the residential halls and automatically thought, younger version of Zooey Deschanel. She keeps it classy on a breezy day with a light cream cardigan over a bright orange dress! She accents them well with those super cute strappy black and cream flats! Where did this girl get her clothes? Cause I want them.

Club Highlight: Fashion and Student Trends (FAST)

Emily is a student who goes to UCLA and makes the best out of everyday! A very involved member of FAST, she’s making here mark here on campus. Check out this interview On The Hill did with her on February 24th!

Beverly: What exactly is FAST? What do you do?
Emily: It stands for Fashion and Student Trends and it’s the only strictly fashion group on campus. It’s sort of an outlet for people who like fashion, but since there’s no major or minor it’s a way for them to delve more into that.

Beverly: What’s your favorite FAST event that you’ve helped put on and why?
Emily: During the year we do little things like shopping events in Westwood and speaker events. Our major event is our fashion show during spring quarter, which consists of only student designers, models, and photographers. It takes place in Ackerman Grand Ballroom and is a way to show off student talent.

Photo courtesy of Emily White

Photo courtesy of Emily White

Beverly: Do you have time to be involved in other on campus organizations besides FAST? If so, what are they and which do you enjoy most?

Emily: I’m in a lot of things. I’m in a sorority here on campus called Kappa Delta. I’m also a writer for Total Wellness Magazine, which is part of the Student Wellness Commission at UCLA, and I’m a part of TEACH. I also intern at a fashion company called Black Halo. It’s mostly celebrity clients.

Beverly: Did you ever live on the hill, and if so where?
Emily: I lived on the hill freshman year in Rieber Vista. I liked it a lot.

Beverly: What was your favorite dining hall?
Emily: I went to Hedrick all the time. Me and my friends would just go there and sit for hours because it was never crowded. I also went to Rendezvous a lot.

Beverly: Do you have a favorite band you’re listening to right now?
Emily: I really like Phantogram!

Photo courtesy of Emily White

Photo courtesy of Emily White

Beverly: And probably the most important question: who is your favorite designer?
Emily: Like that I wear or wish I could wear?

Beverly: Both.
Emily: Wish I could wear: Chloe, Proenza Schouler, and Mui Mui. That I actually wear: like Urban Outfitters and H&M…

Beverly: How can a student interested in FAST join?
Emily: You can apply at the beginning of the year into a committee. We recruit models and designers over fall quarter. We have about 100 participants total. We meet when we can. An average meeting consists of both administrative tasks and speaker event planning. We aren’t taking any more applications now but we can add you to our emailing list if you hit us up. We are, however, currently seeking backstage help. Our blog is fastatucla.com, for Facebook just look up FAST at UCLA, and our email is fastatucla@gmail.com.

Interview by Beverly Okhio