The Origins of St. Patrick’s Day


So we always celebrate holidays, but a bunch of us have no idea what the stories behind these holidays are. So before you head off to do some St. Patrick’s debauchery – Observe. This is why we have this holiday:

St. Patrick’s Day originally began as a celebration of Christianity’s arrival to Ireland and slowly became a celebration of Irish heritage and culture. Festivities usually include alcohol (Lenten restrictions for alcohol and eating are waived for the day), hence it tends to be an event celebrated by many. As for Saint Patrick himself, he was born into a rich family but was kidnapped and became a slave in Ireland. According to him, God told him to escape and so he did and then he managed to return to Britain and began his studies as a priest. He was a great priest, and thus now he is celebrated.

All right, that’s your history lesson of the day. Now go out and have some fun! Or study for finals. Your pick!

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