5 Things to Look Forward to in Spring Quarter


1. Jazz Reggae Festival

This is the chillest of all the chill events ever seen by humankind… Soar to the skies with these amazing musicians and your friends. Previous lineups have included big acts like Santigold, Lupe Fiasco and The Roots. Visit their Facebook page for updates about tickets and this year’s lineup.

2. Spring Sing

Amazing singers, amazing dancers, the next Sara Bareilles, the next Maroon 5 — all for your viewing pleasure, so take advantage of it while you’re still living On The Hill, because it’s harder to get tickets when you live off campus. Keep updated about Spring Sing here.

3. Dance Marathon

Dance the night away with your friends or help out to contribute to the cause of fighting pediatric aids! It’s a wonderful experience that you’ll always remember. UCLA has raised $3.5 million to the cause up to date. Be part of this great movement!

4. No More Rain

We still remember that horrible weekend of rain, which literally flooded Sproul Cove’s driveway at one point. Now we can enjoy the sun again!

5. Midterms

These are great ways of testing your knowledge! So study hard! (Just kidding. But at least you finished those winter quarter finals!) You are a step closer to summer.

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