Cesar Chavez Day



If you remember what your 3rd grade teacher told you and the bits you studied about him, you’ll know Cesar Chavez was a pretty darn good guy. That being said, the details as to what he did might be a little hazy for some of us out there, so here’s your short history lesson about Cesar.

Cesar Chavez founded the United Farm Workers. His efforts to fight racial discrimination were marked by much contention. He often underwent fasts (notably, he underwent a 36 day fast in 1988 to protest pesticide use) as a form of protest and morale-gathering. As a leader, he collectively organized many Hispanic immigrants and workers to fight for social justice. A hero in the Hispanic community today, Cesar Chavez’s birthday became a holiday to honor his actions.

So, next time you’re marked with an obstacle, remember: Sí, se puede

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