Summer: Outdoor Activities


Summer’s coming up. There’s a lot of cool things to do! Here are some options

There’s tons of cool places to go hiking in and around LA. From anywhere as close as Griffith Park or all the way into Malibu, there’s places to explore. But what’s really cool is hiking where the waterfalls are. Click on the link for a list of really cool places to hike this summer.

Bikes and segways and tricycles, oh my. And that’s not all. Roller skates, scooters, and skateboards too! There’s multiple rental places lining the beaches of LA. They’re great for a date or just to go spend some time with friends on the beach. The best part is that it’s pretty cheap too!

Beach Yoga
Beach yoga is a really great way to spend a few hours on the beach while also getting a little exercise in. With classes every week, you can pick and choose when you want to go. Just bring a yoga mat (or towel), make a donation, and spend a couple hours basking in yoga glory.

This one is obvious, but definitely not taken advantage of as much as it should. Parks are great! You can go on a run or a bike ride, do your daily workout, walk your cat, read a book, have a picnic, toss a frisbee, and so much more. It’s great for a change of scenery or just to get a few breaths of fresh air every once in a while. Parks are free, so really, why the heck not?

One really close place to go parasailing is right in our very own Marina Del Rey. It’s a lot of fun and fairly inexpensive for such a luxurious activity. If you’re not feeling the marina, try heading out to Malibu or Palm Springs.

Surf lessons are ALL over the beaches of LA. You can get a beginner class, intermediate, advanced, and there’s even classes that aren’t classes at all, but just large groups of people who wanna catch some waves together. You don’t even need your own surfboard in this area, because there’s rentals everywhere!

See a movie in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery
It’s like a drive in, but better and you can’t bring your car in. Bring blankets, low lying chairs, snacks, even alcohol (IF YOU’RE 21). There’s different showings every couple of weeks and tickets sell out fast, so plan in advance!

Free Outdoor Workouts
If you like to work out, take the sweat out of the gym and into the great outdoors. Venice and Santa Monica have great outdoor workout complexes. Complete with gymnastics rings, vaults, low bars, and more. You can even just bring a mat to do your abs, leg, and arm workouts too.

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