Best Summer Classes to Take

Cool_Summer_ClassesSummer is a carefree time full of sun, sand and, unfortunately for some, studying. But for those on campus finding themselves taking summer classes, On The Hill has got you covered for the best classes being offered in the season. So in between beach trips, try taking these courses ,you might just learn something and have a great time while doing it.

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Dance Crews at UCLA


If you’ve gone into one of UCLA’s many parking structures at night, chances are you might have seen some students hip hop dancing in the empty parking lots. You might be wondering, who are these dancers? The hip hop dance scene at UCLA is composed of a few groups: ACA Hip Hop, NSU Modern, Samahang Modern, VSU Modern, and Foundations Choreography. Let’s just dive right into it so you can see the difference between these 5 groups.

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The 6 Best Upcoming Movie Releases This Quarter

Upcoming_Movie_Releases-01The Age of Adeline – Friday, April 24th 
Starring Blake Lively, Harrison Ford, and Michiel Huisman, watch Adeline’s story unfold as she leads a life of never ending youth. Okay yes, that’s an extremely cheesy synopsis, but let’s get real. Who doesn’t love Blake Lively? She’s not a terrible actor and she’s gorgeous, what more could we want. And even if you don’t like her, then just imagine Harrison Ford as Han Solo the whole time, and you’ll get a good laugh. Put it on your weekend to do list because Age of Adeline comes out THIS Friday!

Avengers : Age of Ultron – Friday, May 1st
Well here it is. The movie we’ve all been waiting 3 YEARS for! Honestly, what else is there to say about it? It’s the Avengers! Iron Man, Thor, Bruce Banner, Captain America, and Black Widow all tossed together into one film for the second time. It’s like a MARVELous dream.

Mad Max – Friday, May 15th
Tom Hardy is definitely an action fan favorite. From Warrior to The Dark Knight Rises, he has captured huge attention in the action world. Tom Hardy brings Max back to life in this new film based on the original 1979 Mad Max.

Pitch Perfect 2 – Friday May 15th 
Might be a guilty pleasure. Might even be a little awka-awkward to admit your desire to see this ridiculous sequel of one of the most ridiculous musical comedies of our little generation, but here it is, and you know you secretly want to. May 15th! Just in time to see it before crying over finals!

San Andreas – Friday May 29th
Because who doesn’t want to see a film about the San Andreas fault tearing apart life as we know it? It could be fun, after all, California is OUR territory.

Insidious : Chapter 3 – Friday June 5th 
Probably another typical horror movie, but it’s been a couple years since the last Insidious, so take a couple hours off your finals cramming and go have some fun.


Spring Drinks at the Dining Hall

Spring_Drinks-01I’ve tried many many different drinks throughout the two years that I’ve lived on the hill. You have to. There’s only so many times you can drink soda and juice without looking for some sort of new combination that’ll shock your tastebuds. So without further adue here are some favorites I’ve stumbled upon:

1. Coke/Root Beer Float

The classic float. Throw some vanilla ice cream in there and the soda of your choice. Fanta Orange, Coca cola, root beer, etc. It’s your choice. Mix it all up and enjoy the creamy goodness.

2. 7-UP + Lemonade

Want a bit more of a lemony zest to your 7UP because it tastes too much like sugar water? Throw some lemons and lemonade in your cup!

3. Orange Juice + Carbonated Water

Ever crave Orangina? Try to tease out the ratio between oj and soda water to get the drink to where you’d like. Done right, it tastes like delicious orange soda.

4. OJ + Apple + Cranberry Juice

Mixing the three juices makes for a much better punch than the one you get from the regular HI-C fruit punch because it’s a lot less sweet and has more subtle flavors. Experiment with the ratio of juice you’d like to get it just how you’d like it. I personally enjoy doing a 60-20-20 ratio (OJ/AJ/CJ)

So there you go. Here are some drinks you can try out to spice up your dining hall life. Let us know if you have any other combinations we haven’t come up with here!

On The Hill 1,000th Like Facebook Contest!

1000th like flyer more fun

On The Hill is proud to announce that we have reached 1,000 likes on Facebook! To thank our readers and followers, we are running a 1,000th Like Contest for all Hill residents.

How The Contest Works:

  1. Readers can go on our Facebook page and like the contest post
  2. By liking the post, you are automatically entered to a draw to win 5 giveaways of $25 in Bruin Cash!
  3. If you choose to comment on the contest post with your floor/house (eg. Hitch A rocks! Courtside C6 rules! De Neve B2 is awesome! Rieber Terrace 9 is the best!), you (and your floor/house) will automatically be entered to win a pizza/pizookie party from BJ’s!
  4. The floor/house of each community with the most residents commenting will win the pizza party
  5. You can win both the Bruin Cash and pizza party as long as you like and comment

In short, ‘like‘ the post to win the BruinCash, ‘like‘ and ‘comment‘ to qualify for the pizza party for you and your floor/house!

Contest Rules:

  1. You must like the On The Hill page
  2. You must be a Hill resident
  3. 1 BJ’s pizza party winner per community (total of 4 pizza parties are given away)
  4. 5 fans who liked the contest post will be drawn and selected at random to win the 5 $25 BruinCash award
  5. Contest runs until May 8th at 11:59pm

Questions? Post a comment or email us at

How to Stay Motivated


I’m tired. I’m sore. I’m stressed. And yet, here I am trying to tell you about how to stay motivated. You may think I am probably not the best candidate for this article because I’m tired, but my struggles have made me realize that I have to make changes in my life if I want to stay sane. Here are some things I’ve realized I need to do now that I’m always busy:

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Campus Celebrities: Hot Chocolate Party

Hot chocolate party  2

From L to R: (Karel Ebergen, Andrew Hahn, Brian Kiely, Michael Yanoska, Nick Agee, Alex Vergel)

A Hot Chocolate Party sounds like a mostly quiet affair full of sipping, but for six Los Angeles-based comedians the name invites viewers to take a look at their mix of outrageous sketch comedy and video game themed rap music. The comedy group, most of whom are Bruin alumni, treat online audiences to their sweet mix of funny material. The group sat down with On The Hill to talk about the origins of their group, their progression as comedians and their future plans as Hot Chocolate Party.

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