Spring Drinks at the Dining Hall

Spring_Drinks-01I’ve tried many many different drinks throughout the two years that I’ve lived on the hill. You have to. There’s only so many times you can drink soda and juice without looking for some sort of new combination that’ll shock your tastebuds. So without further adue here are some favorites I’ve stumbled upon:

1. Coke/Root Beer Float

The classic float. Throw some vanilla ice cream in there and the soda of your choice. Fanta Orange, Coca cola, root beer, etc. It’s your choice. Mix it all up and enjoy the creamy goodness.

2. 7-UP + Lemonade

Want a bit more of a lemony zest to your 7UP because it tastes too much like sugar water? Throw some lemons and lemonade in your cup!

3. Orange Juice + Carbonated Water

Ever crave Orangina? Try to tease out the ratio between oj and soda water to get the drink to where you’d like. Done right, it tastes like delicious orange soda.

4. OJ + Apple + Cranberry Juice

Mixing the three juices makes for a much better punch than the one you get from the regular HI-C fruit punch because it’s a lot less sweet and has more subtle flavors. Experiment with the ratio of juice you’d like to get it just how you’d like it. I personally enjoy doing a 60-20-20 ratio (OJ/AJ/CJ)

So there you go. Here are some drinks you can try out to spice up your dining hall life. Let us know if you have any other combinations we haven’t come up with here!

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