Best Summer Classes to Take

Cool_Summer_ClassesSummer is a carefree time full of sun, sand and, unfortunately for some, studying. But for those on campus finding themselves taking summer classes, On The Hill has got you covered for the best classes being offered in the season. So in between beach trips, try taking these courses ,you might just learn something and have a great time while doing it.

Session A

Music History 8: History of Electronic Dance Music

Is your idea of a good time bumping along to crazy beats and listening to favorite DJ spin some tracks? Then this is definitely the class for you. Music History 8 takes students on a sonic journey through EDM’s origins in classic rock and pop music into its multiple iterations in contemporary music.

Film and TV C132: Screenwriting Fundamentals

Do you fancy yourself the next Steven Spielberg or like spending your time in coffee shops pretentiously writing on your typewriter, well then this class will help towards your goal of working in the “industry.” This course gives you the fundamentals to come up with and create your own projects that may one day end up on the big screen.

Communications Studies 157: Celebrity, Fame and Social Media

This class examines the modern day world of Snapchat, hashtags and Kardashians by delving into the effect social media has had on our culture and how celebrities can cultivate personas that play well in the media and financially capitalize on it.

Session C

Physiological Studies 5: Diet and Exercise

PhySci 5 always ends up on the list of classes that can change students’ lives and its easy to see why. The course provides a biological understanding of how and why we eat and exercise, leading to major changes in the way students live. In the class you’ll also get a better understanding of how diet and exercise affect health and chronic diseases.

Theater 20: Acting Fundamentals

All the world’s a stage, well at least for four hours a week. This class provides the foundations of acting on the stage taking you through classic playwrights like the bard, William Shakespeare. Students play acting games and perform scenes from famous plays, turning themselves, at least during class into Meryl Steep or Robert De Niro.

World Arts and Cultures 51W: Aliens, Psychics and Ghosts

The title of this class should get anyone interested. These supernatural entities often act as stand-ins that represent larger societal problems and fears. It goes into the psychology and sociology of belief in the supernatural, examining issues of human life and life-after-death.

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