Dance Crews at UCLA


If you’ve gone into one of UCLA’s many parking structures at night, chances are you might have seen some students hip hop dancing in the empty parking lots. You might be wondering, who are these dancers? The hip hop dance scene at UCLA is composed of a few groups: ACA Hip Hop, NSU Modern, Samahang Modern, VSU Modern, and Foundations Choreography. Let’s just dive right into it so you can see the difference between these 5 groups.

ACA Hip Hop 

ACA stands for Association of Chinese Americans. They’re one of the hottest teams at UCLA right now. They recently won a big competition called Bridge 2014 (which you will see in the video). Check them out!

NSU Modern

NSU, Nikkei Student Union, is one of the biggest teams on campus. In case you were wondering NSU’s origins are Japanese. However, keep in mind that none of these teams discriminate! As long as you are a fit for the team and a good dancer, they will take you. Don’t let the names of the organizations make you think it’s restrictive

Samahang Modern

Samahang Modern is a dance team with Filipino origins. Check out their awesome performance at Bridge also!

VSU Modern

VSU, or Vietnamese Student Union, has a cool little intro video on their youtube page, so we’ve decided to show that instead of a competition piece. Keep in mind the dates for auditions are different since they are from a previous quarter.

Foundations Choreography

Foundations Choreography is a dance team for newbie/intermediate dancers who are just starting out. They’re different from the other 4 teams above in that they’re a showcase team instead of a competitive team, meaning they don’t enter competitions. Check out their showcase from last quarter here:

If any of these groups have caught your interest and you want to join, look them up on Facebook and find out when their auditions are! Good luck 🙂

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