Guide to Downtown Los Angeles


So you’re going to downtown, and want to check out some landmarks there. It’s your first venture there from Westwood, and you’re a little unsure about what you should check out. Don’t worry, the staff of OTH have been before! Here are our recommendations:

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Best Summer Brands


Summer’s coming up. Look out for some great summer brands! Here’s a few we think you’d like:

1. Rainbows

Get yourself a pair of rainbows. You’ll need them for the beach! It’s a hot California day all the time in LA, and many stories have bneen told about the verstality of Rainbows. I’ve heard of people who’ve worn the same pair of rainbows for over 5 years! They’re a bit expensive, but try to get them anyways, and you’ll find a shoe that conforms to your feet perfectly (after the blisters).

2. Birkenstocks

These are the cool new Rainbows. They’re easier to walk in. They’re more sturdy. And more importantly, they are part of the Bohemian craze that has swept the UCLA campus. Pick em up. You won’t regret it.

3. H&M

H&M has basically everything and anything you need for really cheap prices. This is the time to buy something and experiment. H&M has shoes, backpacks, bags, shirts, pants. If anything, go to ’em for a nice t-shirt.

Father’s Day


Father’s Day. June 21, 2015. You got something for pops yet? If you haven’t, we suggest you get on it soon. Maybe get the guy a gift. Take him out for dinner. Who knows? This isn’t really a post about getting you to know what to get your dad. You know your dad better than we do. This is a reminder. This is a reminder that today is a day to celebrate the work he has done to raise you. Make it special.

Summer: Free Food Events


What makes food better, oh yeah if it’s free. Luckily various establishments have days in which they give out free tasty treats as a promotion, here’s a list of a few of these delicious days.

1.) Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme National Donut Day (June 5)

National Donut Day is probably as important as a holiday in America, so there are multiple donut-eries that give out great deals, namely free donuts. Only Krispy Kreme used to be available in SoCal, but with Dunkin’ Donuts opening franchises, grab a breakfast there too.

2.) Free Denny’s Grand Slam (Your Birthday)

This American classic has locations across all 50 states, but if you want to come in for your birthday breakfast, they’ll serve you up a free Grand Slam, their famous breakfast spread.

3.) 7/11 Slurpee Day (July 11)

This convenience store is known for a few things, including the oily spinning hot dogs in their counter-top display. But what it’s most famous for is the Slurpee the chilly iced sweet drink that is perfect for a summer day.

How to Get Swiped


So you’re a wandering soul from the apartments studying on the hill for the night, or you have a meal plan without the all-too important “Premier” component that suddenly comes back to haunt you 1:50 AM during finals week when you want to make a late night run for food. We’ve been there. Here’s our guide on how to get swiped, so you don’t have to think about it:

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