How to be a Better Student


Midterm season is well underway for some of us. For the more fortunate, midterms have finally let up. We’re left with the aftermath of our grades. For those of us standing a little shellshocked by our midterms, here’s some word of advice we’ve come up with to help you do better in the upcoming finals:

1. Your intelligence is not finite

There’s a myth out there that says that some people are “math people” or “natural writers” (and this part is true, maybe), but the trap that many people fall into is that by the very virtue of not being a “math person” that they could never be good at math or writing or science or whatever subject or skill it is. It’s easier and more comfy for you to sulk and groan you suck at something. But, trust me. You want to do better. That’s why you’ve gotten this far.

2. Go to office hours

Go to office hours prepared with a list of questions you have about the material from your notes and textbooks. Don’t just walk in aimlessly and hope to get an understanding of what’s going on from others’ questions. This can be helpful for revealing concepts you might not have understood properly, but having questions takes precedence!

3. Study with others (after you’ve learned the material)

Now that you understand everything that you have questions about, go home and study the material again. Sleep on it. It’ll get imprinted into your memory better. Review the material the next day and arrange a study session with someone else who you think is doing well in the class. This is your opportunity to find out about how the test could be like. You can also use your newfound knowledge to teach your friend the material. This will help you realize whether or not you really know the material.

And with that, just get a good night’s sleep and eat well the few days before your next test, and you’ll be fine!

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