Move Out Information


School’s ending soon, y’all. Here are some important information for those of you who live on the hill:

When do you have to move out?

If you do not have a Friday final, you would have to move out by June 12 at 12pm. If you do have a Friday final (with proof), you can move out as late as 10pm on June 12.

Can I stay over past Friday?

Yes, you can. There will be a fee to do this, but you can arrange with your Residence hall Manager by 4pm on June 5 to stay over. If you are a graduating senior, you can stay with no charge. More info on stayovers here.

Would there be traffic on move out day?

YES. Imagine more than 10,000 people trying to get out of the hill at the same time (because no one wants to move out at 8am, right?). That, along with parents and families coming for commencement ceremonies, causes one of the most epic traffic situation on the hill. Coordinate your move out early and pack in advance, especially if you have a late final. Plan to leave early if possible.

What do I need to do before moving out?

You should clean and return any Microfridges. You should also return your room layout to how it was originally. You may not leave any items in the room.

Can I hire a mover or storage pickup service?

Unfortunately no. There will be no commercial storage bins allowed to be delivered or picked up at any Housing facility.

You will also be receving an email soon about the last time you can use your swipes later on this quarter. Happy post-midterms/pre-finals week!

For more information on moving out, visit this page.

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