Cool GEs for Next Quarter



It’s already Week 6 and that means Enrollment season has begun! Don’t know what classes to take? We have some suggestions for you!
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Cool Summer Classes


Are you staying in LA for the summer? Make good use of it by taking some awesome summer courses! Here’s a list of just some of the amazing classes UCLA is offering this summer:

Summer Session A

  1. COMM ST 157 – Celebrity, Fame, and Social Media: So now you can online stalk your favorite celebs and claim it’s for class.
  2. ETHNOMU M119 – Cultural History of Rap: Pop Quiz: What she order? A. Big Mac, B. Chicken Nuggets, C. Fish Fillet, D. McFlurry
  3. FILM TV 122J – Disney Feature: Then and Now: From Dopey to Olaf, take this course to see how Disney animated films have influenced our society (and let’s face it, your entire life).

Summer Session C

  1. ANTHRO 2 – America Through Lenses of Popular Culture: Because who doesn’t want an Anthro class in pop culture?
  2. HIST M155 – History of Los Angeles: Learn about the city you call home!
  3. MUS HST 8 – History of Electronic Dance Music: I don’t even need to explain why this is crazy awesome. Hurry and sign up for this class before it fills up!

by Laurie Goodman