Should You Pass No Pass?


Should you pass no pass chem? Is whatever GE you’re in overwhelming? If you’re considering whether or not you should pass/no pass your class, here are some guidelines you should consider:

1. Is there a GPA requirement?

You must have at the minimum a 2.0 GPA

2. How many classes can I pass/no pass?

You can pass/no pass up to 5 units per quarter. This means if you’re in a fiat lux seminar, you may exceed the 5 unit limit. You can take up to 10 units of P/NP if you haven’t done so in a previous eligible quarter

3. What type of classes am I allowed to P/NP?

You cannot p/np any classes that are prerequisites or requisites for your major or minor, You are also not allowed to p/np your writing requirements.

4. Should I P/NP if I’m considering graduate school?

Check with the schools you’re applying to. Call into the admissions office and ask for their opinion to gauge what you should do.

5. What’s the last day I can P/NP a class?

Friday of Week 6. But after week 2, you have to pay a small fee.

If you have any further questions about the policy, talk to your academic counselor to find out the appropriate steps. Good luck!

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