Cool GEs for Next Quarter



It’s already Week 6 and that means Enrollment season has begun! Don’t know what classes to take? We have some suggestions for you!

WAC 33 : If you’re looking for an interesting class that will blow your mind, look no further than indigenous world views. It’s a tough GE jam packed with a lot more reading than you’re probably used to, and the TAs won’t baby you with chapter summaries and points-to-take-home. However, there’s something liberating about this because the Professor behind this structure presumes that you are capable of being a scholar. Professor Shorter and his team pushes you to become not only a more concise and articulate writer, but also a more careful critical thinker. Along the way, you’ll learn about indigenous cultures — which are seemingly things of the past — and how they’re relevant to pop culture, mainstream media (i.e. Burning Man, the tribal wear hipster movement etc). After this course, you’ll find that there are many elements of indigenous culture that have been stamped out as “primal” or “unscientific” that can and should still be prevalent in our culture today.

Ethnomu 50B: Professor Harrison is a jazz guitarist and occasional vocalist. He’s very knowledgeable in the history and developments of jazz. He makes the class easy to follow and understand, even for non-musicians. If you’re interested in jazz, this is definitely the class for you. This class will turn any casual jazz listeners to a pro jazz aficionado! Plus, occasionally he gets jazz groups to perform during class time, so you get a free concert in class!

Life Science 15: Professor Jim Phelan’s class is offered pretty much every quarter and has given scores of students a new perspective on why people are the way they are and why they act the way they do. Phelan’s evolutionary explanations for human behavior are eye-opening and gives insight on even your own daily behavior.

English 91A: Poetry is often seen to be the realm of overly romantic and overly dramatic teenagers, but Professor Stephen Dickey’s class makes it real for the average student. With a varied selection of literary work, a discerning eye and a good dose of humor, Dickey will make a poetry-lover out of even the most unlikely student.

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