Happy Lunar New Year!


It’s the New Year! And in spirit of that, here are five things you probably didn’t know about the Lunar, or Chinese, New Year:

  1. The 15-day festival starts on January 31 this year. It usually begins with the first new moon of each year and ends on the full moon.
  2. Homes are cleaned spotless before the new year and all cleaning supplies are put away before New Year’s Eve because it’s believed to be bad luck if cleaning is done on New Year’s Day.
  3. Food is integral! Dinners are held with loved ones and the deceased are honored.
  4. Firecrackers are used to welcome in the new year, just like in the American tradition! In China, officials are trying to discourage fireworks displays in order to reduce air pollution.
  5. Red is an important color for the Lunar New Year! It symbolizes a bright and happy future. Happiness is great.

We would like to wish our residents a Happy Lunar New Year!

Spring Break Imaginations


So, school just started for everyone else but here at UCLA, midterms are already here. This means the only way we’ll make it through this winter quarter is our fantasies about spring break. So for the purpose of survival, here are some things you can daydream about doing this spring break:

1. Imagine rekindling the love between you and your high school flame. It’d be a highly interesting social experiment that would demonstrate how different you have become since college. Spring fling, anyone?

2. Imagine yourself in Maui/Cuba/(insert exotic place). The break is only a week long, so you might as well go on a short vacation with your friends as opposed to going home and visit for six days.

3. Imagine eating all of the junk food you could possibly consume. Sure, you could do that already right now, but doesn’t it just sound infinitely more exciting because of the prospects of this uninhibited act of gluttony!?

4. Imagine yourself studying for your first quiz of the spring quarter. Just kidding. Don’t do that or the universe will explode.

In conclusion: we can’t wait for Spring Break too.

5 Things You Can Do This Weekend

With the approach of the weekend, and midterms around the corner — or past the corner, for some of you at this point — it’s time to figure out what you want to do:

1. Get on that DineLA hype. Select restaurants usually coveted as highly prestigious and expensive establishments are on discount until Jan 31. Check it out on discoverlosangeles.

2. The Book of Mormon is releasing 100 $25 tickets. The acclaimed show (9 Tony awards) will be shown in LA. Go watch and be blown away

3. Fly a kite. You probably haven’t done that since you were like 5. It’s time to connect with the roots of your childhood. Run to Janss steps and lie in the grass.

4. Have a picnic with a friend and then study under the beautiful Los Angeles sun.

5. Paintballing is a great way to get your adrenaline going. It’s been scientifically proven that exercise reduces cortisol (a hormone associated with stress), so get out there and do something exhilarating.

Life Hack: How To Save $ So You Can Be The Baller That You Are


College students are primarily bankrupted by 3 things: books, printing, and food. Your fellow students (On the Hill) understand this, and have provided you with some ways to save money for your monthly Netflix subscription.


  • Check slugbook.com. It shows all the major book providers and which site is selling your textbook at the lowest price
  • Join the UCLA Facebook textbooks group, or be follow the crowd and post on the class of 2014/5/6/7 pages hoping someone will reply
  • Give a professor eval on Bruinwalk and secretly sneak in the fact that you’re selling the textbook at the end of the comment


  • Print on the hill; you get $5 credit every quarter
  • SAC Computer Lab (Free)
  • Franz (Free if you’re a life science major or taking a psych course)


  • Go for ORL events. They have catered food and interesting events!
  • Make friends with those holy individuals who have been blessed with the almighty premier plan

We hope this helps you save some extra bucks and make your life easier!

5 Things to Look Forward to This Winter


1. Dance Marathon. DANCE ‘TILL YA CAN’T. Enough said.

2. Coveted recruits Zach Levine,Bryce Alford, tearin’ it up on the court alongside budding star Kyle Anderson. Go cheer and rejoice in beating USC!

3. Sprinting to Bcafe because it’s 1:55AM and you need that toasted meatball sub ASAP.

4. Stupid things you do with your friends, like having a ketchup food fight in De Neve.

5. Going through with that New Years resolution you had about becoming the person you want to be in 2014, which you started writing the list for in 2013, and thought about in 2012.