Life Hack: How To Save $ So You Can Be The Baller That You Are


College students are primarily bankrupted by 3 things: books, printing, and food. Your fellow students (On the Hill) understand this, and have provided you with some ways to save money for your monthly Netflix subscription.


  • Check It shows all the major book providers and which site is selling your textbook at the lowest price
  • Join the UCLA Facebook textbooks group, or be follow the crowd and post on the class of 2014/5/6/7 pages hoping someone will reply
  • Give a professor eval on Bruinwalk and secretly sneak in the fact that you’re selling the textbook at the end of the comment


  • Print on the hill; you get $5 credit every quarter
  • SAC Computer Lab (Free)
  • Franz (Free if you’re a life science major or taking a psych course)


  • Go for ORL events. They have catered food and interesting events!
  • Make friends with those holy individuals who have been blessed with the almighty premier plan

We hope this helps you save some extra bucks and make your life easier!

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