Spring Break Imaginations


So, school just started for everyone else but here at UCLA, midterms are already here. This means the only way we’ll make it through this winter quarter is our fantasies about spring break. So for the purpose of survival, here are some things you can daydream about doing this spring break:

1. Imagine rekindling the love between you and your high school flame. It’d be a highly interesting social experiment that would demonstrate how different you have become since college. Spring fling, anyone?

2. Imagine yourself in Maui/Cuba/(insert exotic place). The break is only a week long, so you might as well go on a short vacation with your friends as opposed to going home and visit for six days.

3. Imagine eating all of the junk food you could possibly consume. Sure, you could do that already right now, but doesn’t it just sound infinitely more exciting because of the prospects of this uninhibited act of gluttony!?

4. Imagine yourself studying for your first quiz of the spring quarter. Just kidding. Don’t do that or the universe will explode.

In conclusion: we can’t wait for Spring Break too.

Posted in: Fun

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