Best Cafes to Study at in Westwood

The rapidly encroaching realization that finals are coming can draw even the most hardened procrastinators out of their apathy. Unfortunately on-campus study space is limited when every student at UCLA is coming to the same conclusion. Luckily, there are plenty of spots out in Westwood that provide a serene studying environment while also offering some delicious drinks and snacks to get you through your educational woes.

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How to Survive the Apocalypse (Finals Week)


Finals week is coming up. Since UCLA is tight knit and a big community, I guess we could say we’re one big wolf pack. And finals week is kind of like the moon that comes every 10 weeks that transforms us into werewolves. But this metaphor doesn’t really make that much sense because we’re more like zombies than we are werewolves during finals week. Sorry. It’s finals¬†week for me too. I’ve prepared my fort and 3 weeks worth of instant ramen, but before I go into hiding, I have some tips for you all to survive (hopefully).

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How to Survive Spring Finals


Spring quarter is coming to an end. Yay! But wait. That means after your midterms — which have just recently passed — are finals. Here are OTH’s tips on surviving probably the most excruciating finals you will ever have because the weather outside is so nice and all you want to do is go to Sunset Rec and nap:

  1. Grab your obligatory choice of energy: 5 hour energy, coffee, monster, etc and start stocking up now. You will need it for the late nights.
  2. Get your course reader. As in — go purchase the book from Ackerman. Yes, it’s time to finally stop borrowing your friend’s textbook. Now is the time to drop some moolah.
  3. Watch all of the podcasts you’ve missed. There are about 10 podcasts and you have exactly 10 hours left. Dilemma. Solution: watch in 2x speed.
  4. Cry. Pet puppies. Powell will have dogs you can play with. Destress.
  5. Ace that shiz cause you go to UCLA and you is smart, you is kind, and you is good. We believe in you.

Now stop browsing the Internet and get studying. Good luck!

by Jerry Cheung

Cramming & Coffee: Westwood Edition



Cramming and Coffee: Westwood Edition

As exams approach you might want to take a break from the lounges or various libraries on campus. So here’s a list of the most chill coffee shops to study at in Westwood and their best features!

1) Novel Cafe – this place serves breakfast all day and has two levels! Ample study room!

2) Elysee Cafe – if you have a liking for croissants and coffee, this is the place to be!

3) Starbucks – there’s nothing like the classic, though you may be a bit cramped for room.

4) Coffee Bean – I love this place because they often have room if you go early enough! Those booth seats though.

by Beverly Okhio