Exam Study Tips and Tricks!


Final are coming! Finals are coming! So we’ve compiled a list of study tips and tricks to help you get through them. We’re pretty awesome.

1) Divy up your to-do list. If you have math, art, and music homework focus on one thing at a time. The brain works best when its concentrating on one topic at a time.

2) Plan out your days in advance. Set goals and rewards for how much studying you need to have done by the end of each day.

3) If you have a hard math assignment to do, start with the easy problems first. That way, once you’ve worked your way up to the hard ones, you’ve gained enough confidence to do them! Save the frustration for later!

4) Listen to classical music rather than pop or hip hop. Its been proven that things are remembered better when we listen to music without word.

5) If you don’t need the internet to do your assignment, turn it off. It will only distract you!

6) Study in groups! You end up remembering more if you teach it to others.

7) Get the browser app “Strict Workflow”. Gives you 25 minutes of study time and a 5 minute break. 25 minutes isn’t enough to intimidate you, nor is 5 minutes enough to distract you, so you end up studying very efficiently.

8) Take naps and sleep well. There’s a scientific theory out there that says sleep helps your brain process all of the information you obtained that day. This means that getting enough sleep gets your brain to study for you while you’re asleep!

Happy studying!

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