Best Study Playlists


Are you looking for a medium to play some study music? Check out these three sources:

1. Focus at Will

At the risk of sounding like a telemarketer, start your 30 day free trial today. Judging from the website design (which is not so great), you might be turned off by Focus at Will, but as someone who has actually braved the shoddy design, I solidly back the idea of listening to music designed to enhance your studying, regardless of whether or not it works.

2. Youtube

Any youtube playlist will have a huge variety of study music that range from the classical (Beethoven) to natural sounds (rain, jungles, birds), and electric dance music. The general idea is to avoid songs with words because, according to research, this disrupts your studying especially when you have to do some reading because your attention towards words go both ways. Go with that as you will.

3. Spotify

Spotify offers a wide variety of playlists. The downfall lies in its ads, but if you have premium that shouldn’t be a problem. Spotify is similar to Youtube, except its songs tend to be shorter.

So here you go, here are your three mediums. Try ’em out. See what suits your style.

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