How to Get Swiped


So you’re a wandering soul from the apartments studying on the hill for the night, or you have a meal plan without the all-too important “Premier” component that suddenly comes back to haunt you 1:50 AM during finals week when you want to make a late night run for food. We’ve been there. Here’s our guide on how to get swiped, so you don’t have to think about it:

1. Ask!

The key is to ask people who look overtly jovial at 1:50 AM. They’re excited. They’re happy. They have premier plans. They’ll swipe you. These individuals might be quite rare during finals week, but the key is to be patient. Sometimes the burden of studying together and suffering during finals week together is enough to convince people to swipe you.

2. Make use of your special talent

Maybe you can dance, or you can sing. Or maybe you’re more like us, and you can do that one weird thing where you bend your arm back at an angle that gets everyone to ooh and aah. The point is is that we are sure that you have something that you can do that most people can’t. Trade that for a swipe. Gotta make use of what you got.

Just remember. It’s a number’s game. Someone will eventually have a premier plan and want to swipe you in. It’s just a matter of how much you want it.

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