How to Stay Motivated


I’m tired. I’m sore. I’m stressed. And yet, here I am trying to tell you about how to stay motivated. You may think I am probably not the best candidate for this article because I’m tired, but my struggles have made me realize that I have to make changes in my life if I want to stay sane. Here are some things I’ve realized I need to do now that I’m always busy:

1. Carry around snacks and water.

I’ve been tired and energy-deprived in class and walking around campus is painful. My body clearly needs more energy because of the new demands I’ve placed on it with dance. Making sure your most basic needs are being addressed and that you’re not eating empty calories or unhealthy food to cope with the stress is key. You don’t want to perpetuate the cycle of fatigue and poor nutrients. High energy protein bars are a good way to increase your energy during a long day. Avoid high calorie snacks like chips or french fries, which might make you feel even more drained.

In other words, prioritize eating.

2. Make sleep a priority

One of my worst habits is that after I get back from a long day, I like to sit on my couch instead of sleep because I’ve rationalized the time away as time I need to relax and simply waste away. Though I enjoy doing this, this has cost me hours of sleep that I need to stay energized and keep up with all of the clubs and priorities that I have to maintain. Maintain a regular sleep schedule and make sure you are getting enough sleep! Keep in mind sleep is also about quality, not just quantity. Personally, for someone like me, I feel a difference between sleeping from 12-9 and 2-11. Sleeping at midnight helps me to wake up before the alarm and feel optimistic about my day. Sleeping at 2 gets me up but groggy. Experiment and see what works for you.

3. Remind yourself of how much you’ve accomplished

I took a look at my notebook planner the other day and I came up on some of the goals I wanted to accomplish a few weeks ago. To my dismay, I had actually fulfilled the bulk of my responsibilities. I had amplified my stress to such a high level in order to accomplish the things I needed to do that I forgot to keep track of how much I had already done. So keep that in mind next time. Take a minute to reflect back on what you’ve accomplished in these past few weeks. It’s good to realize that your efforts are pushing you forward to what you wanted to accomplish.

So hang in there Bruins. We are all wonderful, accomplished and ambitious as heck. We’re all trying to be excellent at each and every passion we have because we want to be more than just a student. We want to be athletes, dancers, writers, activists, etcetera. And that’s great. But sometimes, we need to remember that in the face of all our struggles we are young adults learning to take care of ourselves.  So get some sleep, eat well, and keep being great y’all.

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