What to do When Construction is Interfering With Your Peace of Mind


Oh no. You’re startled awake by the walls shaking and loud construction noises coming from the Rendezvous construction. Again. You check the time. “8am?! WAY too early,” you’re thinking. Or maybe you’re trying to study but the racket just won’t let you get in the zone. Or maybe you’re not sleeping or studying at all, but the noise is simply ruining your inner peace. We’ll admit, construction sounds are definitely not our daily walk in the park either, but here at OTH, we believe in making the best out of any situation. Here’s 8 things you can do to still manage your time wisely and show that construction site who the real winner is.

(1) Go the gym.

So you have a couple hours to kill before class and there’s no way you’re getting any more sleep with this noise. Why not take a trip to the gym just like you’re always saying you will. Get that energy flowing so you’ll be left feeling healthy and happy all day.

Facilities and hours : http://www.recreation.ucla.edu/facilityhours

(2) Find a new place to study.

Not feeling the gym? Grab your books and go find your own secret/favorite study space.Try a library you’ve never been to before, or wander into one of the campus cafes and find out which one is your favorite. The weather has been great lately, so have a go with studying in the grass. You never know what great spaces you’ll find here on campus.

(3) Do your laundry.

Take this time to FINALLY do that ever growing stack of laundry that you keep putting off. Take it from us, no one wants to wake up to an empty closet and nothing left to wear.

(4) Try the art of napping in public!

Nope you’re still tired? Grab a sweater and take a trip to Sunset Rec to nap in a lawn chair! Or pick a spot on campus under a tree, and fall asleep in the grass. If you hate the outdoors, go find a library to nap in. It’s quiet and free from dirt and bugs. Everyone does it sooner or later, you’re just getting a head start. But remember to always stay safe and keep your belongings out of plain sight!

(5) Go grab a decent meal.

We don’t always eat the way we should in college, especially when we’re too busy hiding away in our books. But with all the noise, take a break from the stacks and treat yourself to a decent meal for once.

(6) Call your parents.

We know, we know. This is college, and we’re not kids anymore, but hey, we know you secretly miss them sometimes. And they miss you too! Take half an hour to call Mom and Dad and see how they’re doing. It’ll make them happy, and odds are, it’ll put a spotlight on your day too.

(7) Try to catch up with that friend or two that you’ve been neglecting for sleep, study, or Netflix.

Of course we know how important it is to get the right amount of sleep and studying done, so maybe a quick chat with a friend will be just what you need to get invited into their study lounge or room.

(8) Block it out with some earplugs!

Finally, in the case that you’re absolutely determined that you’re not getting out of bed or leaving the building, you can always pick up free earplugs at the Rieber Hall front desk to soothe the noise.

And our last bit of advice to help keep your heads up and happy: just think about how great the food at Rendezvous will be when the construction is all over!


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